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Thank God It's (Select Summer) Friday!

Jules Kim and Katie Longmyer bring their weekly sunset party, Select Summer Friday, back to Le Bain on May 27th. We caught up with the two busy New Yorkers.
LE BAIN: We all know NYC never stops, but it seems like the last few months have seen many more new venues, buildings, and museums. Even the skyline is changing! What has been your favorite big change in the city since the last time we spoke?
JULES KIM: In this concrete jungle, the more trees that are erected, the more high places we can swing to. Katie and I have built a community constructed from the people who impact change and those who challenge the standard. For us, we grow with the change and adapt to the conditions we help create. I look forward to seeing how this city evolves and how we can play!
The sunset from Le Bain's rooftop 
What would you say has been the most exciting thing happening to NYC’s fashion since last summer? 
JULES: As a jewelry designer working in both the fashion and luxury industries, I have witnessed a leap toward direct retail and watched the middle man disappear. This is a great moment for designers who can benefit from absorbing their own markup! 

Alongside your resident DJ, Project Matt, you have plenty of guest DJs lined up this year. What has been the criteria in your selection of music selectors? 
KATIE LONGMYER: Criteria for talent is based on passion and style. Those who have it can hang!
SSF's resident DJ, Project Matt, in a sunset mood

You also have a different artist every year curating the look and feel of your image. 
KATIE: This year, we welcome Khalym Schell of Billy Agency. We're celebrating our style and vibe with her creative touch. Look out for new looks every week!

Katie, besides many other things, you're a dance music promoter. Is there something that has really been the highlight since last summer in NYC?  

KATIE: I think there is a resurgence of New York loving the underground. For a while, nightlife was oversaturated with a lot of the same vibe, and now I find more and more people infusing experiences and creative visuals into their events. People want freedom and exploration in their nightlife. Festivals that merge art, technology, and limitless boundaries like Further Future Festival and Moogfest are getting incredible attention in the US and globally. And when the underground thrives, that pushes into the clubs as well. 
Jules Kim
It’s going to be your 6th summer at Le Bain. Could you share your favorite anecdote about Select Summer Fridays? 
KATIE: Jeez, there are soooo many…I think having Nightmares On Wax was an epic win as we both grew up on his music and style. The roof is a breath of fresh city air. For summers, we have been overjoyed to share the theme of music and connectivity with partygoers. There have been introductions which lead to albums being recorded, careers being jumpstarted, partnerships falling in or out of love…I cannot wait for this summer’s roster of talent and for our family of friends to reunite!

Select Summer Fridays 
Every Friday at Le Bain from 3pm to sunset
The Standard, High Line
Photos by Lorenzo Fariello

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