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Nightmares on Wax, Balearic Dreams

LE BAIN: You've been based in Ibiza for the last 9 years with your family. Would you say that sunset is the highlight of your daily routine, or do you have another favorite moment of the day?
NIGHTMARES ON WAX: Sunsets were part of our routine when we first moved here but I must admit that my most favorite part of the day, especially in the summer, is between sort of 5pm and midnight, just because it's a lot cooler and because you've gone through such a hot day, it’s time to settle down, have some wicked food and go to chill mode.

Nightmares on Wax You Wish

With its ‘second summer of love’, Ibiza was a starting point for the Acid House movement in UK in the late 80’s. Is it a way for you, as an artist, to go back to your roots, to come full circle?
I think everything works in cycles. Be it music, fashion, food, or even this lovely planet we live on. This ‘second summer of love’ idea, it’s kind of here every summer...

Talking about your approach to recording, you said “Simplicity is the key to everything.” Would you say it's the same with life in general? 
Definitely. Less is definitely more. If you take your time when you’ve got to answer questions, of if you take your time when you have to make a decision and just listen to that voice within, the simple answer will come. So simplicity is definitely the key to everything.

Nightmares On Wax Be, I Do

You've said that you can't really produce music during the summer because it’s too hot. I like that idea that the real balearic vibe can be found in Ibiza in the colder days when the island is deserted…
I just think Balearic is the sense of freedom you get wherever you listen to music at sunset or when you feel the cool breeze of the island floating through you.

As a teenager you were one of the original British B-Boys with your crew Solar City Rocker. At that time, did you look up to the NYC scene?
Obviously the Rock Steady Crew was a massive influence on us. The NYC Break was a big influence. We had nothing but great stuff about the Roxy and obviously Union Square. These were all infamous places that we dreamed of as kids, as children, to go to and dance, just to be able to see these places...New York was some sort of holy land for Hip Hop and the B-Boy scene... so yes, New York's got a special place in my heart.

Nightmares On Wax Dextrous (Downbeat Mix)

About ‘bleep’, one of the music genres that you helped create in the very early 90’s - would you agree that it was "the purest essence of club music"? Your track ‘Dextrous’ sounds like the future is now.
We were part of a movement. All the people who were making these tunes at that time were all coming from a breakdancing background, from an electro background, so the bleep had definitely an electro Hip Hop influence in it, even though it seems a little more electronic and more like 4/4 base. Most of the people making bleep records were all B-boys or from the breakdancing scene which then became the House scene, a UK representation of the House scene. It represents the North as well, which is where I'm from, Leeds, it represents Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham.

Friday, August 21st, Le Bain presents 'Select Summer Fridays' featuring Nightmares on Wax playing at sunset. Door 3pm. The Standard, High Line.

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