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Moscoman, Disco Halal connection

Raised in Tel Aviv, based in Berlin, Moscoman brings the Middle East to the Disco, Sunday, November 1st at Le Bain.
LE BAIN: Can you tell us about your teen years in Tel Aviv, and when you went to a club for the first time?
MOSCOMAN: I guess the first time I went to a proper club was when I was 17 or so—that was the Global Underground Series era. I guess the first big DJ I saw was Danny Tenaglia... I was more into 'deep trance' or whatever the kids liked. Tel Aviv was amazing until 2003 or so, and then a lot of political changes and hate pretty much halted the never sleeping city until 2007-2008. That’s when things started to get back on track and the current scene, of which I'm a part, started to take shape. There were some awesome clubs, most of them outdoor, on the beach—they’re all gone now. We could have been Ibiza at some point. The good Ibiza, I mean.
Moscoman Dévoué (Manfredas Remix)
What led you to move to Berlin? 
First of all, it’s a great city, especially as a foreigner. It’s free, chill, and just really easy and nice to live in. I had never been here before I moved for the first time. I just took a big suitcase and stayed for a year. The nightlife was something else, something I had never experienced. I was hooked. I mean, spending a week in Bar 25 will do that to you.

Tel Aviv could have been the good Ibiza

We had a chat with the Berlin DJ Paramida and she said “Berlin is one of the most uninspiring party capitals in the world right now. It’s Techno Hollywood”. Do you agree?
Not today, not for me, for sure. The best things I've done, music wise, come from being in Berlin. My future is based on my time here. I agree, our Disco scene is smaller than the techno or deep house scenes, but we actually have some solid DJs that can crossover whenever they want. In short, I don’t think the Berlin scene is boring, but I'm not going out that much! I actually like to spend my free time making music and having a home life. 
Moscoman Dark Horse (I'm A Cliché)
You said Tel Aviv is your "new favorite place to play in the world”. What makes Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene so special?
It's home—always was and always will be. Plus, the new generation rocks! There aren't the judgmental old farts (like me), but people who genuinely listen to the DJ’s, buy records, as in real vinyls. The clubs are professional, the sound systems are great. Places like Bootleg, The Block, Breakfast Club and probably any bar over there has a banging system with a great DJ. There are tons of great up-and-coming DJs in Tel Aviv and I’d like to namedrop a few: Naduve, Asaf Samuel, Hectik… Each one of them is next level—sadly it takes longer to get somewhere these days, but I trust they will!
Machintosh (Moscoman Edit | Disco Halal) 
You've been a very prolific producer, releasing tracks, remixes and re-edits on various labels, but what would probably define you best is your label Disco Halal, which brings Middle Eastern influences to your eclectic style...
I don't want to say things like, there was a void to fill, or there is not enough of this or that. I simply see Disco Halal as a platform to adapt music we like to the dance floors. We’re making DJ tools. The support we get speaks for itself, from Dixon to Smallpeople, a wide spectrum of DJs have been playing our tracks. I wouldn’t say it defines me the most, I think it defines me as much as all the other labels I am or was involved with. The important thing for me is to do whatever I like and help as many people as I can along the way. I consider that one of my biggest success with the label is bringing virtually unknown producers to the light of the day. It’s actually going great! It just goes to show you that the things you believe in the most will eventually come through.

Sunday, November 1st, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Moscoman (Disco Halal | Berlin), with Project Matt and James Friedman (Throne of Blood). Doors 9pm. 

Header photo: Moscoman by Thomas Sontag

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