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Le Bain Gets Dangerous

Le Bain: We heard that a lot of young creatives from Australia are moving to New York these days. What is still so great about New York?
Dangerous Dan: For starter’s it has been dubbed 'the city that never sleeps' and that alone is enough to get most Australian’s over the seas. Our biggest city, Sydney, sleeps, and many people find that quite boring.

That's it?
MJ recorded the Beat It video in the Subway. The Godfather? Hello. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s! King Kong! Buildings like the Empire State and the Guggenheim. Brooklyn! Central Park and Strawberry Field’s! Plenty of reasons to make a move to NYC, its called history! Stuff we only read about in books.

Pachanga Boys Black Naga

Tiga himself said "Dan has done a lot in not so long, to make even me tired". What is your greatest achievement so far?
In my teens it was riding the wild surf in Hawaii. In my early 20s it was designing fashion and making skinny jeans called Ksubi, also running a lil' hell raiser of a club called The Bang Gang and touring the world with my five bros. In my late 20s it was becoming a dad to the most legendary lil' guy, Justice Maximus Single. In my early 30s it was properly falling in love with the most out of this world amazing girl named Bambi. Now I married her so that’s a pretty hella achievement if I do say so myself.

What is the riskiest record you would play at Le Bain on a Sunday night? Pachanga Boys Black Naga. Risky because it drives some people crazy in a BAD way! But ironically, the reason I would play it is because it also makes people go crazy in A GOOD way. That's what I call a conundrum.

On Sunday, April 20, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Dangerous Dan and Plastic Plates. 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.

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