Le Bain

A Night With Objektivity

On Friday, May 6th, NY king label Objektivity presents its first night at Le Bain with its mastermind Dennis Ferrer and up-and-coming star Nasser Baker. They warm up with an interview ping pong.
NASSER BAKER: What is your favorite sound in music?
DENNIS FERRER: It's probably the acoustic piano. It gives me hours of joy by giving me the ability to express my emotions through writing or playing songs. It’s never-ending in its ability to allow me to express myself.
Nasser Baker "minds his own business." 
DENNIS: Name the one record that made you wanna give a career in dance music a go?
NASSER: There were many songs, but when I went to see Danny Tenaglia at Pacha NYC and he played "Music is the Answer," it answered my question.

NASSER: What is your go-to guilty pleasure food?
DENNIS: Ethnic Caribbean food! Mainly roast pork shoulder with yellow rice and chick peas. Yummy! 
Dennis Ferrer's "Son of Raw (Nasser Baker Remix)"

DENNIS: If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

NASSER: I would sneak into the White House and listen to what really goes on in the Oval Office. While I'm there, I would go into the vault and see if the conspiracies are true.

NASSER: What is the most memorable sports event you've attended?
DENNIS: I attended the Yankees playoff run in 1996 in a packed Old Yankee Stadium with the rain coming down, and Jim Leyritz hit a home run. The stadium literally swayed back and forth.
Nasser Baker's "Voyager" (Future Primitive EP)

DENNIS: What's your spirit animal?

NASSER: A bear. Im fluffy, chill, shy, and I mind my own business. If you mess with me, we have problems. Look what happened to Leonardo. 

Check Dennis Ferrer's 
latest crazy set recorded live at Dybbuk Athens (Greece). 

On Friday, May 6th, Le Bain presents Objektivity
featuring Dennis Ferrer and Nasser Baker
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

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