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Ari Goldman, One Beautiful Swimmer

Saturday, February 27th, The Level Party returns to Le Bain with Ari Goldman, one half of retro-futuristic DC duo Beautiful Swimmers. We sat down with Ari to "Check His Machine"

LE BAIN: Your partner in Beautiful Swimmers, Andrew Field-Pickering, said you are 'The Great Idea Man' when you two work in the studio. What was the latest big idea you had when making music?
ARI GOLDMAN: It's very sweet of Andrew to say that. Perhaps it's my strong knowledge of nearby food spots to distract us from jamming? Honestly it's hard to say. I'm very happy with how Primo, our tune from the Vibe 3 compilation turned out. We wanted to hit a bit of an On-U Sound vibe with that one and I think it turned out quite nice.

Beautiful Swimmers Primo (Future Times) 

As a real record digger, what is the latest unexpected record you found that reveals something about your personality? 
I'm always on the hunt for new tunes in unexpected genres and unexpected places. After years of sad trips to the Beatles section of many record stores, I finally snagged the Paul McCartney Check My Machine 45 at Aaron Dilloway's record store in Oberlin, Ohio. It's not particularly rare, I just never wanted to order a Paul McCartney record online for some reason. 

You've said that you don't go out or organize parties as much as you used to, and you prefer to chill at home with your girlfriend. What brings you out of that comfort zone?
There's a lot of good television to watch. And the Washington Capitals are having a phenomenal year. And I have a wonderful girlfriend and a dog. So yeah, it's kind of a no brainer. Staying in is quite nice, but I'm very happy for DC because it's poppin' off right now. I couldn't go, but DJ Aakmael played a daytime set here recently. Kerri Chandler is coming soon too but I think I will be in Australia. It's a very good time to be going out in the nation's capital. DJ Harvey and Young Marco came recently and that was fantastic! 

Paul McCartney Check My Machine

You toured Europe last year. What's the most rewarding thing about touring?
Going on tour is very cool. It sounds cheesy but it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do this and every time it still feels special. But I don't think everyone understands how exhausting it can be as well. There's a lot of mega late nights and super early cabs to the airport.

Tell us about Earcave. Record stores are usually places where people from the scene gather, meet and chat... 
Earcave is, for lack of a better term, a sister store to the PPU (Peoples Potential Unlimited) label. There's no real "brick and mortar" store, so there's not a whole lot of gathering, meeting or chatting—just a lot of jokes between me and Andrew Morgan. The laughs never end. And my very special dog often accompanies us in the office. Shout-out to Stevie Licks!

Ari Goldman My Dog Stevie (a mix for Extended Family)

Tell us something fabulous about DC.
Very friendly people. Great food in the suburbs, especially Mandalay and Banh Mi DC Sandwich. Killer record locations. Rock Creek Park. Taqueria Habañero. Pho Viet. Free movies at the National Gallery of Art...

Saturday, February 27th, Le Bain presents The Level Party featuring Ari Goldman (Beautiful Swimmers), Will Dimaggio and Andrew Devlon. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line. 

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