It's Wes Anderson's World, They Just Copy It

Wes Anderson’s movies might not make a ton of money, but his aesthetic sure sells. In fact, every time we turn on the TV these days we see another ad that looks suspiciously Andersonian, but isn't. Take this commercial from Honda, Moonrise Kingdom "Gas Station Kids," starring a pair of precocious young lovers bantering dryly, a shawl-collar cardigan, and a tossed off Thomas Carlyle reference ...

Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing multimedia campaign, The Royal Tannenbaums "The Hilfigers," with its retro-chic family of precocious misfits, is another unsubtle homage ...

And then there’s this spot for Alive!, a multivitamin of some sort. The whole commercial takes place inside The Life Aquatic a woman’s body, where a team of precocious young boys are hard at work managing her digestive track ...

Blatant imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, non?

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