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Here's an eBay Auction Not to Miss

The Who-Is-Who in Fashion, Music, Art, Film & Media have come together to support the latest Sandy relief initiatives. Brainchild of James Gardner, CEO of the pioneering digital agency Create The Group in association with eBay and Spotify, the event is a series of eBay auctions featuring very special swag from the likes of Kate Moss, Kanyé West, Juliane Moore, Tilda Swinton, Alex Wang, Nicola Formichetti, Skrillex, Jefferson Hack. Even our own Mr. Balazs donated a set of signed Standard Press books and night at a suite in The Mercer.

They already raised 10K in the first round. 2 more to go. Next is Thursday. Head here for details.

If you're feeling tapped out at the moment, no worries. As a fun little bonus, most of the contributors supplied a free Spotify playlist. What is Golden Globe winner Anne Hathaway listening to these days? How about Ms. Moss? Listen to them all here.

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