Having a Little Fun with Miranda July

Poet/writer/performance artist/director/all-around-awesome-person Miranda July has been making the rounds promoting her upcoming film, The Future.  The press junket for the film was recently held at The Standard, Hollywood and in-between interviews, in classic Miranda style, she managed to make her own little bit of fun. 

In her blog,, she describes her thoughts looking onto the pool deck from the balcony of the Suite:

I stared at this view all day, from the balcony, in between interviews. Thoughts had:

1. Can I yell “What are you feeling and thinking?” to the lounging people or is that going to ruin their time.
2. WIth a running start could I jump from the balcony into the pool? Maybe even into the pink thing?
3. That astro-turf is blue in a way that just won’t quit and I’m going to have to make something with it before I leave here.

Nothing came of 1 or 2 but with help of Megahn Burns and James Teel from Roadside Attractions, 3 was totally achieved.

Ever the artist, she also found the time to create a very special piece of original art on a Standard napkin which is actually up for grabs on the Opening Ceremony website here!

Miranda’s film, The Future, opens in select theaters on July 29th.  We’re psyched to see it. Watch the trailer - you’ll agree.

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