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Hunker Down for Halloween

We love Halloween, and we know you do too, so this year you might be a bit…deflated. Since our usual revelry can’t happen, we’re giving you spooky staycation specials to cozy up where it’s safe and warm. Things are scary enough out there.

1, Boo, 3

Halloween is finally on a weekend, so live it up and get spooky. Mua-ha-ha! 
Stay three nights and pay for two in New York and London.


Howl at the Sun

Who says ghosts can’t get a tan poolside? Miami is giving you a four-night getaway for Halloween weekend at the extra special, spooky rate of $800 (BOO)! No tricks. All treats. Our costume tip: swimsuit.


Proper Batty!

Huddle up in Double Standard for a book launch of TripAdvisor’s best hotel ghost stories. And, get this, we had a medium contact some famous dead bartenders for their cocktail recipes. They’ll be served all week long, by our alive bartenders.


Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Sip, snack and scream with scary movies and Halloween favorites like Carrie, Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, outside at The Standard Grill.


Ghoul, You Betta Vote

It’s the last weekend before the election, so prepare for the polls with Swing Left.


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