December 20 2017

Everybody.World's DTLA Pop-Up Is Here to Save Chrismukkah

Los Angeles-This Just In!
Grab your holiday gifts at the new pop-up shop at The Standard, Downtown LA or FaceTime ( your very own personal shopper.
If you’re out here last minute holiday shopping, you’ve procrastinated your way to a slim set of options, my friend. As a sunny alternative to scouring the internet and going to the mall, you can check out Everybody.World’s pop-up, Informal Shop, at The Standard, Downtown LA. Informal Shop carries home goods, clothing, skincare, herbal tinctures, accessories, bongs, pipes, zines, and foodstuffs. Items range from cheap to $300, so there should be something for just about everybody on that “list” you’ve actively ignored for months. 

Founded by alumni of American Apparel, Everybody.World is founded on the ethical and all-too rare values of paying workers and manufacturers fair wages, respecting the planet, and inviting great ideas from all walks of life. Their line is known for the Trash Tee’s, which is made from 100% waste cotton from the yarn factory. 

Here is the cool part: even if you are not in LA (or if you’re in LA and you’re all the way out in Venice and there’s no goddamn way you’re going east of the 405 literally ever again), you can FaceTime ( the shop during their business hours. They will walk you through their stylish, well-curated collection, and gift wrap and ship your order. Adding a personal touch is kind of Everybody.World’s thing.

Some gift ideas...
The Standard
Seth Bogart Great Lash Pipes ($175.00)
Who to buy it for: The stoned, the glamorous
Iris met Seth at the LA Art Book Fair a few years ago and convinced him (and his mom) to turn these mascara sculptures into useable, blaze-able art. 
The Standard
Letter Blankets ($55)
Who to buy it for: Everybody who has a name
There’s a blanket with each letter of the alphabet. Each is unique and made from leftover yarn.
The Standard
Custom Flight Suits ($300)
Who to buy it for: The frequent flyers in your life
You can order it in any pantone color in the world.

The Standard
Lemon Preserves
Who to buy it for: the sour, the sweet
Locally made lemon preserves.

The Standard
 House Slippers ($27)
Who to buy it for: Everybody with feet
Iris and Carolina (Everybody.World's co-founders) wear these everywhere.

The Standard
Waterproof Notepad
Who to buy it for: Clean geniuses
Because all your best ideas come to you in the shower.

The Standard
Burning Down The Patriarchy Candle ($50)
Who to buy it for: Everybody
Very aromatic, very pissed off.