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Greetings from the Côte d'Azur

Our music editor Arman just returned from a little jaunt to Ibiza, home of the beach rave and Balearic beat. For those in search of the perfect Mediterranean-inspired summer mix, click here, and for those looking to round out their summer sounds collection, here are the albums he smuggled back to the States. In no particular order ...

Dominique Garnier "Underwater" exhibition at Km5's gallery

Km5 Vol. 13
Km5 started in 1995 as a tucked away restaurant in the woods of Ibiza and has since become a pioneer in the art of merging restaurant with nightclub. Here's their 13th edition of the Km5 compilation series.
Favorite Track: Pitchben - "Stand Up"

PRDS Collection presents Satin Jackets
The PRDS collections are always worth checking out. Satin Jackets' take on PRDS caught our ear. These downtempo beats are smooth as satin and perfect for a midday cocktail by the pool.
Favorite Track: "Latin Jackets"

Cadenza - Vagabundos 2013
To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Cadenza released another compilation of their Vagabundos series mixed by Argy & Andrea Oliva.
Favorite Track: Dan Ghenacia - "Da Doo Da"

Beach Diggin
These tropical tracks are meant to be listened to on the beach. The duo Guts and Mambo travelled the world to gather 16 rare tracks that inspire the body to move with total freedom.
Favorite Track: Cassiano - "Onda"

SEML & Friends
The second chapter from the SEML French crew is deep. These downtempo and jazzy house tracks are like a long exhale. And the packaging––oh c'est si chic! T
Favorite Track: Kinder Raum - "La Pluie Triste"

Blue Marlin Ibiza (Day & Night Vol. 7)
The Blue Marlin is an Ibiza classic. You can lay at the beach, fine dine, get a massage and enjoy the delicious beats blaring 24/7. This is their 7th edition compilation.
Favorite Track: James Welsh's - "The Way"

Jockey Club Ibiza - Session 10
The Jockey Club at Ses Salinas, like their neighbor Sa Trinxa, takes you on a long journey. The day begins with some chill time by the sea. The lower the sun gets, the more the legs move. When the sunsets it's like another universe. Have a listen to this album and you'll get the gist.
Favorite Track: Edmund - "Gotta Jazz"

Formentera Clubbing - Day & Night
The journey to your 24-hour dance frenzy begins here.
Our Highlight: YSE - "Play On"

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