Five Art Basel Moments to Remember

The week was, how shall we say, full, brimming, chockablock, a cyclonic onslaught of art, cocktails and collaborations such that the world should never, we mean has never seen (more on that later). For those who missed it and for those who were too lit to remember, we bring you the five what-have-you's we'll cherish always.

1) Art Basel Veterans

From the blurry-eyed party goers, to the all business booth dealers, to the totally zen'd outed Johan Lindbergh – We love this guy! – Mariko Munro's ethnographic snip-its really captured the Basel "moment." Check out the latest and greatest above: Post-Basel Routine

2) The Positions

Namaste by Kai Regan

Thanks to Tim Barber and Kai Reagan our Tumblr site was a-tumbling with iconic pics. This shot really sums up all that is The Standard Spa and the warrior position one mentally assumes all week long.

3) The Vandals

André tagging The Standard Spa

André Saraiva, (also known as French André or Little André, or the André whose name you drop when you're trying to talk your way into Le Montana) painted one of his famously impromptu love notes to Annabelle Dexter Jones on our Standard Spa wall.

4) The Celebs

Tilda Swinton at Dzine's Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa Miami. Photo: Chris Mosier

Tilda got "Nailed" in the best possible way. Classic.

5) The Breakout

Erwin Wurm at The Bass Museum. Photo: Chris Mosier

  1. Everyone was talking about Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm and his show Beauty Business at the Bass Museum of Art. You heard it here first.

For all things Art Basel, click here.

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