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Desert Nights with TV Mike and the Scarecrowes, Blank Tapes, and D Lee Waggoner

Mosey on over for another titillating installment of The Standard, Hollywood’s Desert Nights. This Wednesday, like every week, we’re bringing you the best and brightest of LA’s folk scene. So, grab a cocktail, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

TV Mike and the Scarecrowes: Like the Universe, the passage of time, works in mysterious ways. Depending on perspective, it can seem to expand or contract, turning years into months, months into weeks and weeks into days – or days into weeks into months into years. For the creation of “Weeks to Days”, the second album by Bay Area band T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes, it did both simultaneously and named the album in the process – or did the process somehow do the naming? A case could really be made for both sides… It should come as no surprise that synchronicity is no stranger to this band, whose three core members independently decided to relocate from Bloomington, Indiana to the promised land of California – at precisely the same time. The year was 2007. Over the ensuing years, T.V. Mike and his Scarecrowes would attempt to change their name to the Scarecrows, only to be thwarted by Marc Ford and a metal band from Petaluma. The extra “e” in their name had the last laugh. They would find themselves accidentally making music with other Indiana ex-pats, recording their first album on 1” tape, selling over 700 copies by hand and accidentally having it named one of the Top 20 albums of 2009 by the East Bay Express...

For more fun, check out TV Mike and the Scarecrowes on Twitter, Facebook, or on their Blog!

Blank Tapes: THE BLANK TAPES is the moniker of Los Angeles & San Francisco based musician & artist, Matt Adams, who has produced over 10 albums of 1960's psychedelic-surf-pop-folk-rock on an old 8 track cassette tape recorder in various garages, basements, sheds & bedrooms across the California Coast. Matt is also the artist behind his band's posters & album covers, and along with his band mates, Pearl, DA, & Will, they've toured throughout America, Brazil, Europe, & Japan. They just released a 7" with 20-Sided Records and a few new cassette tapes with Burger Records, Curly Cassettes & Dome of Doom. They also have a new studio album called "VACATION" coming out on Antenna Farm Records Spring of 2013! Matt Adams is also the artist behind The Blank Tapes. Check out the website!

D Lee Waggoner: Dameon Lee (née, Waggoner) might be better known for exploits as bassist for Southwestern punk luminaries Scared of Chaka than he is for the tender, country tinged songs he scattered across three albums as Lowlights, but, as Lee stressed following the first Lowlights release in 2003, this is a "side" of himself that always was—it just needed time to simmer before it could shimmer.

What is Desert Nights?

Desert Nights is a weekly gathering at The Standard, Hollywood, hosted by KCRW’s DJ Valida. Every Wednesday, Valida curates three acoustic musical acts to perform a set in the Cactus Lounge. The vibe is warm and intimate, evoking an impromptu jam in a musician’s living room. The music begins at 7:30pm, it’s always free and always a good time. Guaranteed.

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