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Burger Blows Up the Garage

Remember that time you were sitting around with your friends, playing some records, feeling nostalgia for the concept of the “record” and generally feeling cool about dropping some coin on a waxed album?

As you were shaming the average music consumer for going digital, it’s possible you were thinking to yourself that although the idea of owning and collecting vinyl has reintroduced itself to a younger populace, certainly the lowly cassette tape would never, ever, enjoy a resurgence.

Well, brace yourself.

Meet Burger Records, an independent Southern California cassette label that has defied the generational gap, and ushered in these seemingly defunct artifacts as a viable, if niche, listening experience.

What started in 2008 as a means of releasing music practically and affordably has spiraled out into a series of shows, tours, and a home for bands loosely aligned under the genre known as Garage Rock. One might even call Burger the epicenter of a “scene” if such a thing were even still possible. Nonetheless, this is what happens when a group of people who want the same thing come together seamlessly in adoration and enjoyment of a sound and an aesthetic.

This is what Burger Records has built.

And if you happen to find yourself craving the thin sounds of 60s psychedelia, or you simply can’t get enough surf-inspired epics, Burger is where you belong.

On October 1st, throw on your soggy Chuck Taylors and hit The Biergarten at The Standard, Downtown LA to see Burger alumni The Abigails and Devon Williams perform their own blends of sun-dried power songs.

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