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Annie O Presents: Big Thief

We have a secret weapon at The Standard in the form of a French-Moroccan music maven named Annie O. After years in the music industry representing greats like Lou Reed, Pearl Jam, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, and Peter Gabriel, we nabbed her to curate The Annie O Music Series, a regular concert series in the airy Penthouse of The Standard, East Village.

On Monday, July 18th, Brooklyn's Big Thief ascended to the Penthouse. The folk-rockers have been making some musical waves, just ask Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. Annie caught up with frontwoman 
Adrianne Lenker and guitarist Buck Meek before the big night to hear about tour life. 

Annie O Presents: Big Thief
Monday, July 18, 7-9pm
The Standard, East Village Penthouse
Free with an RSVP to

It seems like you've been spending a lot of time playing around the country. What's the weirdest US attraction you've seen on tour?
BUCK: There's a UFO-themed gas station in Arizona on the way to Las Vegas that has an AR-15 assault rifle range and a monster truck that takes you on rides through the desert behind the lot.

You mention hanging out in diners in the lyrics of "Masterpiece," and the song's music video opens with you all in one. What are your thoughts on the great American diner?
BUCK: There's a thread of sentimentality that ties every diner in the world together, and that combined with the accessibility of cheap food, available 24 hours a day, provides a respite for every facet and demographic of American society. Even Mr. Rockefeller himself get's hungry and lonely at 4am. 
What are some tracks you're listening to right now?
ADRIANNE: I listened to Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" three times through this week. 
BUCK: Dan Reeder's latest record, This New Century.

What are your plans for the summer?
We'd like to camp as much as possible in between tours. Also, we recently acquired an ice cream maker.

If Big Thief had a superpower, what would it be?

What can we expect from your performance at The Standard, East Village?
BUCK: Let your expectations go like balloons.

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