Standard Sounds

Artist-in-Residence: Cillie Barnes

Singer, songwriter Cillie Barnes lives just 15 minutes from The Standard, Downtown LA. From the top of her street she can make out our red lawn and on a clear day she can even see Catalina. A small cabin surrounded by trees, birds, and even a few chicken in Happy Valley is not only Cillie's home, but the inspiration behind her music. A mix of gypsy and pop, Alanis Morissette meets Leona Lewis, Barnes' smooth vocals transcend throaty thrusts and fall nicely onto the soft pluck of a folk song.

_Upon checking in, as the final Warby Parker x Standard Sounds Artist-in-Residence, she took an immediate liking to the loo and said, "Obviously this bathroom is amazing, it has the best reverb in the vicinity."

Some things really do sound better in the shower.

Photo by Alden Wallace

About the Residency:
Legendary film music supervisor Randall Poster (who soundtracked, just to name a few, Kids, Rushmore, Velvet Goldmine, 200 Cigarettes, The Thomas Crowne Affair, Boys Don’t Cry, Zoolander, The Royal Tenenbaums, Somethings Gotta Give, The Aviator, The Squid and the Whale, Lost, The Darjeeling Limited, The Hangover, Moonrise Kingdom, Boardwalk Empire, Spring Breakers, and Skyfall) and the mastermind behind Standard Sounds in the East Village, Annie Ohayon, have selected six artists to spend a week at each of the properties and compose two original songs a piece. The artists, whose work will be packaged in a limited-edition LP just in time for Xmas, include Sophie Auster, Nikki Lane, Teddy Thompson, Cillie Barnes, Goldspot’s Sid Kholsa, and one other, very special surprise.

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