Q&A: Magic Mushrooms & Happy Endings With Alice

We're leaning into all things aphrodisiac by bringing Alice Mushrooms' new Happy Endings chocolate to The Standard, East Village for a limited edition V-Day pop-up.
What do you get when you mix your chocolate guilty pleasure with a boost of adaptogenic mushrooms? The founders of Alice Mushrooms, Lindsay Goodstein and Charlotte Cruze, took on the challenge of finding out. We chatted them up to hear about the power of fungi, the inspo behind their brand-new aphrodisiac line, Happy Endings & Alice's spirit animal.

Get a taste for yourself: Alice Mushrooms is popping up at The Standard, East Village for a one-night only aphrodisiac menu featuring a cute photo booth, a complimentary welcome drink, take-home gifts, and of course, decadent chocolate desserts. Elevate your date night or make it a group outing - we promise you don't want to miss this one. 

Book yours dinner seats here! For the ultimate happy ending, snag a room and you'll be gifted Happy Endings chocolate, a mood-setting candle & more.

We can’t get enough of Alice’s Nightcap and Brainstorm chocolates. What sparked the interest in developing Happy Endings next and what’s the secret weapon ingredient that makes it effective?

Our mission at Alice is to spread the power of mushrooms in the most delightful ways possible, and every decision we make is rooted in sensory pleasure. After bringing our indulgent approach to sleep and focus, the next logical step was to become the first taste of pleasure in our customer's sexual journey. 

The secret weapon in Happy Ending is how all 9 ingredients work together: Cordyceps mushrooms, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna, Damiana, Ashwaghanda, Maca, Tribulus, Cayenne Pepper and Ceylon Cinnamon. This blend of mushrooms, adaptogens, roots and herbs delivers an immediate boost to pleasure and arousal while improving long-term sexual function for all genders. 

Dessert at our Valentine’s Day dinner party will be infused with Happy Endings - what’s been the most creative food or drink pairing you’ve seen with Alice chocolates?
We’re biased, but we’re obsessed with our Brain Buzz Mocha which is currently available at The Elk in NYC! Putting our Brainstorm into a mocha or coffee is the absolute best way to start the day. Outside of that, we love a Nightcap chocolate chip cookie or strawberries dipped in Happy Ending and can’t wait to try the Happy Ending Churro at Partridge. 
In addition to your work with Alice, you are a founding member of The Microdose Collective, an nonprofit dedicated to educating on the benefits of legalizing microdosing psilocybin.  Paint a picture of how you’d like to see society’s viewpoints on psychedelic mushrooms transform in the next decade.
We are advocates for all mushrooms! The (slow) process of changing society’s viewpoints on psychedelics is rooted in education and how we, as advocates, talk about it. We believe that the more research-backed education we can offer around functional and psychedelic mushrooms, the more open people will be to accepting alternative healing modalities. In the next decade, our goal is to foster more open-minded, welcoming and informative conversations — from the dinner table to halls of congress — about the real ways that psilocybin can change people’s lives for the better. 
We love the indulgent feel of chocolate instead of a traditional capsule or liquid supplement, and it makes for the perfect non-traditional Valentine for friends and lovers alike. Who's on your dream Alice gifting list?
Oooooo…. We would be over the moon to get Alice into the hands of Miley Cyrus. She is such a force. If Alice was a person, we have a suspicion she would be a lot like Miley. 

How are you celebrating your loved ones & yourselves this V-Day?

Quality time. As business owners, quality time is something that can be hard to carve out with your loved ones but is the most important thing you can do for any relationship. That, and lots of chocolate ;) 


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