Le Bain

A Night of Bromance

French Playboys Brodinski and Gesaffelstein, the two bros behind Bromance (photo by Voena)

This Wednesday at Le Bain, Nouveau York presents a Night with Bromance. The Parisian label has been hot as hell with its futuristic and sexy releases including killer tracks by Gesaffelstein, Brodinski and Louisahhh - the three of them playing on the 18th Floor. We caught the man behind Bromance, Mr Brodinski on his way back from Holy Ship, right before Bromance takes over the New York skyline.

The Standard: You just came back from Holy Ship!, which is surely one of the craziest events of the U.S. dance scene. What was the most fun this year?

Brodinski: We improvised a Rap Party with Baauer & Atrak on Sunday night and it turned out to be the best party! I loved the whole trip this year. I was there last year too, and it appears to be getting better and better. A big thanks to gary Richards for this!

And which artist surprised you musically?

Baauer & RL Grime Killed it, really happy the Night Slugs were on the boat too! Really great back to back from Lvis 1990 and Bok Bok too! Super line up, Boys Noize killed it too, as always!

I guess having all these DJs stuck on a boat for a few days must create some kind of brotherhood feeling...

This boat could be renamed Bromance (laughing), We spent a lot of time together. It had been a while since we had seen each other so it was pretty amazing!

<!-- This version of the embed code is no longer supported. Learn more: https://vimeo.com/help/faq/embedding --> Brodinski latest release on Bromance Records: "Dance Like Machines"

Did you learn any new jokes?

(laughing) I don't remember, but I just laugh ten hours a day generally, so Holy Ship was not that different!

Let's talk about Bromance. The label is one of the most exciting of the dance scene. From which other labels did you get your inspiration?

A lot actually, from UR to Body High and Ed Banger, just a friendly and simple way to release music, throw parties and have fun!

We are big fans of your last video 'Dancing like Machines'. As a regular of strip clubs, which ones are your favorites?

I Love the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Goldrush in Miami during the Winter Music Conference, and Sin City in Harlem. A strip club has such a vibe, the music is a big part, and when it's good, the vibe is everything!

Gesaffelstein Depravity on Bromance Records.

If Bromance was a movie?

It would be Easy Rider, with a different ending I hope. 'Cause that's what we do, just chill, the easiest way to do it!'

If Bromance was a book?

American Psycho, cause you think we are nice and fun, but we're mad.

What track did you play the most last year?

Gesaffelstein's Depravity one of those final Killer track that everybody likes.

What's up for Bromance in 2013?

A lot! New EP's, new artists, new compilation, a clothing line, and some surprises!

This Wednesday January 9th, Le Bain and Nouveau York present a Night with Bromance featuring Brodinski, Gesaffelstein and Louisahhh. Doors 10pm. Le Bain. The Standard, High Line.

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