Zio Ziegler's Philosophy of Art

San Francisco based artist Zio Ziegler has created murals all over the world, and most recently for the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA. We sat down with Zio to discuss his latest work, the nature of public art, and his idea of the perfect day.

Standard Culture: What was the inspiration for your 6th Street Mural design?
Zio Ziegler: My Inspiration for the piece came from the concept of Coherent Resonance. The mural portrays a female figure and a male figure whose minds are intertwined and whose bodies trail off in the periphery. The work attempts to capture something which cannot be caught.

What do you like most about public art?
I like that public art requires no wall text, and when art is taken out of the museum context it allows the viewer to be objective and react without being worried about their level of education in art.

Any murals/public art in the world that you particularly love?
Yes, clearly Diego Rivera and the greats. As for contemporary artists, there are so many that I could list: Arte Sempre, Jaz, Gaia, Judith Supine, Never 2501, Interesni Kazki, Vhils, Alexis Dias, Borondo, Pixel Pancho, Cannon Dill and Brett Flannigan, Ian Ross and Bicicleta Sem Freo.

What has been your favorite adventure thus far in your career as an artist?
Recently, it was completing a gigantic three-day mural in Parma, Italy.

Describe your perfect day. Where would you go? Eat?
I would wake up, eat huevos rancheros, and paint a 80 x80 foot wall with a lift. Then I would go to my studio, work on 10 x 20' canvases, have mexican food for lunch, come back, make some more paintings, go swimming, read, drink coffee, ride my bike, paint into the night and have great conversations with an eclectic range of extraordinary people. Then I would probably have a cookie, go to sleep, and hope to do it all again the next day.

Zio Ziegler's installation for the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA will be on display through the end of August. All photos by Erada Khanmamedova

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