Lido Elixir: The Rehydration Cure

You know that feeling you get around mid to late December when you’ve been to what feels like hundreds of holiday parties, eating and drinking god-knows-what as you go about your merry way? Yes, that feeling. Well, this concoction is like the exact opposite of that feeling — it's your antidote, your cure, your protection. Our hypothesis: if you were to apply this delicious elixir liberally throughout the holiday season and beyond, you’d be feeling pretty damn good. We won’t go so far as to say it will cure your hangover, but it will certainly put a considerable dent in it. You should probably just go ahead and mix up a batch now and keep it on hand to be safe. Consider this Standard Culture’s holiday gift to you, our attractive, tipsy readership. Now, what did you get us? Just kidding.

You’re welcome.


1 1/2 cups (12 oz) of Hendricks Gin
3/4 cup (6 oz) of Aperol
1/2 cup ( 4 oz) of fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup (4 oz) of simple syrup
4 cups (32 oz) of cucumber water

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with ice and stir to combine. Add fresh cucumber slices. Fresh mint leaves optional. Top with ginger ale.

To make cucumber water:

Peel one large European or 2 small cucumbers. Slice or rough chop and add to 48-60 oz. of cold water. Cover and refrigerate overnight or up to 24 hrs. Longer time will infuse a stronger cucumber flavor. Strain out cucumber reserving the water.

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