Q&A: We All Wanna Bangkok

Ever since The Standard landed in Bangkok, Thai streetwear has blown our minds. Bold colors, dramatic textures and attention-grabbing slogans are the way to our hearts: That brings us to I Wanna Bangkok. Founded by Beam Adisak Jirasakkasem + Grofe Supakorn Buaruan, the irreverent brand puts a cheeky twist on the Thai capital, creating full looks that command attention and start conversations. 
After meeting Beam and Grofe, we just had to put a Standard spin on their style—so we partnered on a collaboration featuring pajamas, carryall bags, beach towels, tees and trinkets. We sat down with the dynamic duo to talk sunscreen sticks, Thai youth culture and Bangkok pro tips.

“I Wanna Bangkok” puts a cheeky twist on the Thai capital. How does Bangkok’s youth culture inspire your designs?

Their liberal and wise energy! They’re not afraid to fight the traditional system. They give us hope in this country.


Our co-branded Mini Summer Totes are plushy perfection. What’s an item you always carry with you in the summertime?

Somehow, we just discovered sunscreen stick—we never knew it existed before! So we both got it and carry it around in our bags. 

What would you say to someone visiting Bangkok for the very first time?

We usually tell people not to use taxis: Use the ride share apps instead. And of course, come to our store!

Let’s dish. What was the highlight of our launch party in The Parlor?

The energy, the scent, the space, the sound! We loved everything.

If you could throw a pajama party with three guests, living or dead, who’s coming to sleep over?

Doja Cat, Cho Gi-Seok and Windowsen. We'll connect these three together, so hopefully in one night, we'll get to see Cho Gi-Seok direct a sleepover-style music video for Doja Cat, wearing a complete look by Windowsen, filmed with a phone.


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