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Watch the Best Moments from Benedict Cumberbatch's Talk at The Standard

Melded with our Standard Talks series, the inaugural BAFTA New York In Conversation series will bring our favorite British film and TV talent to The Standards for some engaging chit and chat. Who better to kick things off than the amazing Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the BBC's breakout hit Sherlock and co-star in an impressive litany of blockbusters including Osage County, Star Trek, War Horse and The Hobbit. If you haven't already read our exclusive interview you may do so here. You may watch the entire talk here, but we thought you might enjoy these highlights if you're short on time. Enjoy!

1. What Drama School Taught Him

2. The Night Meryl Streep Shared The Secret to Great Acting

3. On Doing Lots of Takes

4. Crucial Advice for Dining in Public

5. His Steven Spielberg Impression

6. His Peter Jackson Impression

7. On Pissing Off Julian Assange and The Challenges of Playing Real People

8. On the Timeless Appeal of His "Vaguely Attractive Otter Face"

9. On Auditioning for Sherlock

10. On "Smauging" in "Mo-Cap" and Feeling Like a "Complete Booby" in His Green Screen Get-up

FYI, "Smauging" refers to his character, Smaug, the giant dragon in the new Hobbit film and "Mo-Cap" is industry lingo for Motion Capture.

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