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Vin Sol Über Alles

LE BAIN: Banging. Jacking. Uncompromising. These are the words used to describe your style. Do you agree?
VIN SOL: I totally agree. I'm just a dude posted up in my studio banging the box, jackin' the house and completely unwilling to do anything that I feel is not completely aligned with my musical morals!

Vin Sol The Creep Side of Dance Mania

You're from SF, but your sound is clearly inspired by the Chicago House...
Well, the thing is, San Francisco has always had deep ties to Chicago house. In San Francisco, there's a very familiar sound and that's because of DJs like the Wicked Crew and Solar and the Sunset Crew - a lot of people don't know that. Plus, what's more fun to dance to than Chicago house - I mean, seriously?

What’s your favorite record by Larry Heard?
Ooof, this is a tough one, but I'm gonna go with Gherkin Jerks Midi Parameters that shit goes so hard and so raw - OMG, truly stripped back and perfect.

Vin Sol Just Whisper (DELFT 009)

It seems you and Matrixxman love to collaborate. What makes Charlie such a good partner for you?
We're best friends and we always have a great time together in studio, and I completely trust him and he completely trusts me, so what more could one ask for? I mean, it's a truly rare thing to have a collaboration like that. Plus, somehow we always make heat, which is a bonus.

Could you tell us the story behind your latest recording?
Well I record every day unless I'm on the road, so basically this is how it goes down...I wake up, I shower, I hop up in the studio, fire up all these machines, get them to talk to each other. Then I get them to talk to me, and next thing I know...Boom, I got a joint!

Sade Give It Up (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Edit)

What's the coolest thing to do this summer in San Francisco?
If you're in San Francisco this summer, you definitely got to go check on my man Cool Chris at the Groove Merchant, and pick up some amazing records. And be sure to check out our party, Club Lonely, if you get the chance. Remember it's all love in the Bay.

Friday, July 17th, Le Bain presents Vin Sol (San Francisco) and Miguel Senquiz (Ghostly International, NYC). Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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