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Ultra Naté Opens Up Our Hearts

Le Bain: How is deejaying a different experience for you than performing as a singer?
The intensity is the same for me, but they each have different pressures. There's a craft and a discipline to each that you ideally want to master. I feel at ease interchanging between any of these roles. I love music and making people feel something whether it's through my voice, my written word or my DJ set. I'm gratified...

Ultra Nate It's Over Now (Basement Boys Mix)

Will we dance to some of your old partner's records like the Basement Boys and Mood II Swing?
I play what I feel at any given moment. There are some tunes I definitely want to get in, but I have to vibe with the room and the people. There are no rules.

Sometimes DJs like to "tell a story" when performing. Are you this type of DJ?
I don't think I do the "story" thing. I respect and appreciate those that do, but it's too specific for me. I'm more focused on just playing good music that makes people dance, scream, cry, go inside themselves, or lift off to the moon. It may not be a safe way to play, but safe hasn't kept me in the business all these years either. No point in starting now.

Ultra Naté Free (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)

Can you tell us about your party 'Deep Sugar' in Baltimore, where you reside?
I started 'Deep Sugar' almost 12 years ago in an effort to keep the scene thriving. It was starting to suffer and instead of complaining, DJ Lisa Moody and I decided to start playing the music we wanted to hear. Along with a couple of close friends, we made a grassroots plan of creating what was then called 'Sugar.' I needed to help the scene that gave birth to my career, in hopes that we could procure that same life-changing effect on someone else in the next generation.

Ultra Naté Twisted (Original 4Hero Mix)

What makes 'Deep Sugar' so special?
The people that support it and the amazing venue. It takes place in one of the last real warehouse clubs called The Paradox. The diversity of the people that come really make it special: from 18-year-olds discovering house for their first time to 60-year-olds that have been dancing since The Garage. Urban kids, ball queens, school teachers, and even the occasional raver get it in at 'Deep Sugar.'

What will you be listening to on your drive in from Baltimore?
Lisa and I have this tradition, it's party rockin' house mixes on the way up. It makes the drive faster. And on the way home it's classic rock, pop, hip hop, or R&B. We're always looking for great songs.

On Saturday, January 31, Le Bain presents 'Jus Dance' featuring DJ sets by Ultra Naté, Lisa Moody and Mr. V. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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