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Études Studio, Frenchmen in New York

Friday, September 11th, the Paris-New York creative duo celebrates Fashion Week with Joakim. We sat down with Études Studio's masterminds, Aurélien and Jérémie

LE BAIN: Tell us the story of Études Studio. What was the trigger that pushed you and Jérémie to start the label? 
Aurélien: Jérémie and I had multiple projects going on at the same time (publishing, fashion, and creative agency) under multiple names. We felt that it was time to combine all of them into one. That's why we started Études Studio in 2012 - to create a cohesive name and identity for all of our projects. 

Etudes Studio (photo by Tom de Peyret)

You define yourself as a creative collective, not strictly a fashion label. You're involved in music, design, and publishing projects. What would you say is the raison d'être behind all your activities? 
Jérémie: The reasoning behind that is simply that our interests exceed just fashion. We've always been involved in publishing, as well as offering our creative services, so it made sense for us to define ourselves as a multi-faceted studio. We also feel that each outlet, from publishing to fashion, creates an interesting dialogue and a unique final product.

Pedro of Ed Banger has been a supporter, and you have projects with his label. He described your style as 'very Kraftwerk'. Do you agree?
Aurélien: We would agree, specifically regarding our FW 2015 collection, where the idea was based off of the 24/7 takeaway culture, which created a very distinctive and disciplined uniform. This could definitely be described as a ‘kraftwerk’ silhouette.

Etudes Studio (photo by Tom de Peyret)

You're based in both New York and Paris. Why did you decide to expand to NY and not Berlin or even LA? Los Angeles is said to be very popular with creative French people... 
Aurélien: For years, I've had a close relationship to New York, and felt that it was the perfect city to create a juxtaposition with Paris. The two cities share similarities, but what is interesting is their differences, which in turn, cycles back to the dialogue that we are constantly trying to start.

In terms of creativity, what excites you the most in Paris right now? And in New York?
Aurélien: In New York, I've always been attracted to the “downtown” elements and street culture that the city has to offer as a source of creativity. There's always a source of fresh, exciting and new things that I'm able to experience by living here.
Jérémie: There is so much rooted history in Paris, from fashion to art, which provides a motivation to create something new and fresh. It's exciting to be actively involved in the contemporary scene of the city.

What are you looking forward to do during this NYFW?

Aurélien: The idea was to always have some sort of involvement in NYFW, and we feel that an Études Studio event at Le Bain with Joakim, whom we have collaborated with in the past, is the perfect way to bring the French Touch to New York.

Friday, September 11th, Le Bain presents Études Studio featuring Joakim (Tigersushi). 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

Header photo by Dustin Aksland

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