Stan D'Arde

Tonsil Hockey...Setting The Record Straight...AGAIN

It seems like all I'm doing this week is setting the record straight with people's misconceptions of their perceived realities. First it was Urban Daddy yesterday, and now it seems like our best friends over at MilkMade have it all wrong again.

You'll remember The One Night Standards BEAT DOWN the $MoneyClick$ in our fierce game of Tonsil Hockey on the rink at The Standard, New York. Even Page Six, the country's most revered gossip column, accurately reported our win, but it seems that the kids at Milk are a bit delusional. Maybe they're just deliriously tired post-fashion week?

Earlier this week, they wrote claimed that they had won the game on their blog. What? Who? How? I'm glad they brought their own trophy with them so they didn't have to walk away empty handed.

Anyway, I don't really want to be a dead horse, aka The $MoneyClick$, so here's a video courtesy of our friends at Billy Farrell Agency. I think it speaks for itself.


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