Stan D'Arde

Tonsil Hockey 2: A Bloodbath Revisited

We're not sure if you remember last year's epic inaugural hockey tournament aptly named TONSIL HOCKEY when Milk Studios foolishly decided to meet us on the ice for an end of fashion week throw down. Yeah. It was pretty hilarious. They showed up in all their glory and fanfare, led by Theophilus London, stomping and rapping and flailing his magic wand. That was really cute. But this year...

Milk has decided to bring their shame back to the ice for another beat down. Now, we all know what they're going to do. They're going to call their "family" and their "friends" of Milk which will include professional players from professional NHL teams or ice rinks around the city in hopes to defeat our own home grown team. But they will not prevail. Cheaters never win. And neither does Mazdack Rassi apparently.

Come for the $hit talking. Come for the drinks. Come for the slaughter. But more importantly, come for the halftime spectacular with Maluca and our Master of Ceremonies #Been#Trill!

May the best men win!


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