Three Sheets to the Wind with Gustaf Westman

Gustaf Westman has design (and abs) on the brain.
The Stockholm-based architect-turned-designer popped up in Café Standard during Miami Art Week—transforming our coffee and smoothie joint into a colorful fantasy world. We toasted the appearance with a party, of course, and caught up with Gustaf to talk The Memphis Group, his favorite emoji and his alter ego, "Bob."
First Glass of Wine:

What made you leap from architecture to small objects? 

I would say that it’s a bit of a coincidence that I’m here, and I kind of feel that I still haven’t paused from the architecture studies. I started to make interior projects in Stockholm and then it kind of organically moved into only working with objects.

Favorite vs. least favorite colors?

My least favorite is orange. My favorite on my objects is probably pink but overall, my favorite is blue.

We’ve read you’re notoriously influenced by The Memphis Group. Elaborate, please. 

So, I’ve been influenced by the Memphis Group in the sense of the rule-less design. Like, they don’t really care about rules. I was very interested in that in the beginning of my career. And if you think of my style, I think you can compare it to the Memphis Group, when it comes to my whole world and how I present my objects. It’s a lot of colors and mismatched chaos but if you look at the color in itself, they’re pretty simple and easy so my whole world is a bit Memphis, but maybe not the object itself. 

Second Glass of Wine:

First time showcasing your work for Miami Art Week, what emoji describes you right now? 

The cowboy smiling. *laughs* 

What’s your preferred drink of choice for your wine table?

Uh…wine. *laughs* And I’m not picky. So I would just go for the cheapest red house wine.

What are the first three things that come to mind when you think of Miami? 

The first three things I think about with Miami is Art Deco, the beach and abs? *laughs* That’s the most I’ve seen. Also, design maybe.                                                               

The first three things I think about with Miami is Art Deco, the beach and abs?

Third Glass of Wine:

What’s the name of your alter-ego? 

My alter-ego in the US so far is ‘Bob’ when I try to order coffee since they usually don’t know the name Gustaf.

With your quirky selfies. What was the oddest Direct Message you’ve received? 

There was one girl who dressed as my curvy mirror for Halloween this year…that was odd. 

What’s next for Gustaf?

Uh, next I think I need a glass of wine to calm down. But other than that, I’m really looking forward to coming out in the world and do pop-ups everywhere and meet people. That’s what I want to do. 


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