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The Voices of Black on 'Yarching'

You were both born and raised in New Jersey, how has that influenced your connection to New York City?
New York is like our playground! At the same time though, New York is becoming more hectic and expensive. It kind of feels like a rat race to be honest, and that’s probably made us value the fact that we don’t necessarily live there but its still accessible.

Voices of Black Imaginary One Time Love

What is 'Yarchism' and how does it define your approach to music?
Yarchism is simply a call for the freeing of the mind. Contemporary media today has become so advanced and sophisticated that it is very difficult to differentiate between what’s an advertisement and what’s culture. Individuality and uniqueness are now just buzzwords that get thrown around at ad agencies and social media startups. People's thoughts and actions are carefully being monitored, documented, and then advertised right back at them. People are unconsciously conforming, the difficulty to be truly original is increasing difficult. It's terrifying.

Voices Of Black Dry Ur Eyez

Do you think conformity is a trap?
Conformity is the enemy of creativity because it causes insecurity, people become afraid of their true selves, and then doubt their abilities. To yarch is to let go of all doubts, insecurities, and fears – that idea guides us in our creative process.

In your view, what's next new and exciting?
Funk is definitely becoming more relevant and there are a lot of artists that are approaching the art in different ways. There’s already such a diversity in terms of how funk is defined and interpreted, yet there’s still so much room for contemporary creators to put their own spin on it.

Friday April 11, Le Bain presents 'House On Mute' featuring Voices of Black, Cry Baby and Abraham Othwell. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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