Purple Disco Mash-Up

German producer and DJ Purple Disco Machine tells us the back story of his summer hit, "Body Funk," before he plays The Rooftop on Sunday, July 2nd.
THE ROOFTOP: Tell us about the genesis of "Body Funk."
PURPLE DISCO MACHINE: My manager and I always keep a folder of old disco, funk, and house tracks that we consider for samples and vibes. Both "Do You Wanna Funk" by Sylvester and "Body Work" by Hot Streak have always been in there. One day in the studio I had the idea to mash them up... and it worked! No one has used that Patrick Cowley disco beat for a while as well, so I thought it would be fresh for 2017. 
Sylvester's "Do Ya Wanna Funk"

You couldn’t go wrong with those two... 
My manager then had the tough job of clearing all the samples... but we got it all done and the record is totally legit. It kind of ended up moving into the Lipps Inc's "Funky Town" territory, but that was not sampled. It is the Patrick Cowley, Bobby O sound, really. 

I read Kool Keith's going to be featured on your first album. What’s your favorite record of his?
It was a great honor to have Kool Keith on my album. He is such a bona fide hip hop legend. I would say my two favorite records with Keith are Ultramagnetic MC’s "Give The Drummer Some" and Dr. Octagon's "Blue Flowers."
Hot Streak's "Body Work" 

What’s the most disco thing about your hometown, Dresden? 
The Purple Disco Night I do 4 times a year, of course. [Laughs.] The music scene in Dresden is very influenced by Berlin, so it brings some good variety to have this disco and house party every three months. It's also a good chance to invite friends and colleagues like Claptone and Boris Dlugosch. 

On Sunday, July 2nd, The Rooftop presents Purple Disco Machine
The Standard, Downtown LA | 9pm
Purple Disco Machine's "Body Funk"

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