Le Bain

The Disco King Of Kong

Le Bain: It seems every DJ in the 'new disco' scene knows you. What is your secret to being so popular?

Artur8: Well that's news to me, really! I just love to work with same-minded people all around the world ….

You've been in NYC for a few days. What's been fun so far?

Quality time with my NYC friends, for sure. I spent a lot of it just lounging around Brooklyn with my dear friend Darshan Jesrani (of Metro Area) and recently I had a fantastic evening walking around Harlem with my friend, the Bristol DJ Milo Johnson.

KDMS, the music project of Artur8 with Kathy Diamond and Max Skiba.

Does Warsaw rhyme with Disco?

When I first moved to Warsaw I was amazed by how open-minded people were about music styles, especially compared to what Berlin audiences were like back in the days. And then I never thought of disco as a separate genre, more like a journey between different styles, so for me it was always more about a strong musical personality than a specific sound. In terms of venues, the scene is changing pretty fast. I think now it's not so much about particular places, but promoters that often rent spaces virtually unknown to anybody for one-time parties. We really like using non-club venues like houses or lofts for our "KingOfKong"" Nights.

This Friday December 13, Le Bain presents Artur8 (KingOfKong) and Eric 'Dunks'Duncan. The Standard, High Line. Doors 10pm.

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