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The Bell Boys

Discovery: How did you guys meet and start making music together?

Adam: We met in the offices of Dust Traxx in the Fall of 2010, Garrett was working there doing A&R and I came in to meet about potentially making some artwork for upcoming releases. I started working in the office shortly thereafter and quickly became better friends with the G. It's worth mentioning that Marea (Smart Bar creative director and recording artist known as The Black Madonna) was our boss.

Garrett: Since then we have become roommates and fellow employees at Gramaphone. It was inevitable that we started working on music together.

How would you explain Chicago house to someone that's unfamiliar? If they came over what would you play them?

Garrett: I would call it machine-made disco, crafted grooves made utilizing whatever tools are available to you. Sometimes more melodic in structure, other times stripped down to a basic and raw groove.

Adam: Personally, I would play anything from the Prescription Records catalog for anyone interested in listening.

If you had 24 hours to experience all of your favorite things about Chicago, what would we do?

Adam: I would undoubtedly spend the full 24 buried in records.

Garrett: Grab some dumps in Chinatown, throw some money at Gramaphone Records, and end with some Smart Bar hangs.

Do you believe that house is a sound or a feeling?

Garrett: Trick question. It’s a spiritual thang.

Adam: House is millions of simultaneous sub-atomic reactions.

Is it really illegal to use ketchup on a hot dog?

Adam & Garrett: Squeeze as you please.

What's a record that makes you think of home?

Adam: Nagual I Feel The Rhythm and Mr. Fingers Can You Feel It both still make me as excited as the first time I heard them, before I really understood what all this was, except that I had never heard music that made me feel quite that way.

Garrett David and Adam Rowe aka The Bell Boys

If producing music were cuddling, who would be the little / big spoon?

Adam: Garrett's the big spoon. I'd be lost in the studio without him. I come from a training in classical piano and playing bass in punk bands so I understand melody and songwriting but G's skills with engineering and drum programming are what bring it all together. Though, on the up side I have lots of new things to learn.

What do you plan on doing in NYC around the gig?

A: We're getting SIAE stamp tattoos! Do I really even have to say we’re going record shopping?

Friday September 27, Le Bain presents Discovery featuring the Bell Boys (Chicago), Free Magic and Faso. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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