Thanks God It's Jules and Katie!

LE BAIN: Select Summer Fridays is back every Friday on Le Bain's rooftop on Memorial Day Weekend. You two are super-busy New Yorkers. What have been some of your NYC highlights since last summer?
KATIE LONGMYER: My biggest highlight was the 7th year of my music festival - The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival in November! I also joined Jules in Paris and connected with incredible artists I’m excited to bring to New York. And our rooftop party this year!
JULES KIM: Since last summer I've launched a new collection in Paris, and traveled to promote and sell, sell, sell!

Katie Longmyer photo by Elizabeth Raab Katie Longmyer (photo by Elizabeth Raab)

Something we should know before we come up and say hi?
KATIE: Although you typically know me and hear of me within dance music and nightlife culture, my roots are in classical music. I’m a classically trained cellist.
JULES: I’m a jewelry designer for the self-conceived line, Bijules. Katie and I work with focus all year round, as do all of our friends and colleagues. It's our pleasure to relax and connect during each Select Summer Friday on the roof and blow off some of this hardworking steam!

Can you provide a good reason to believe in the magic of the sunset to the Balearic allergic?
JULES: Listen, Manhattan is not Cabo or the Maldives, but we watch the same sun set every night. Our Select Summer Friday sunsets pay homage to the urban grind, and the simple nature of good company, carefully curated music, and the best view this city has to offer.
KATIE: Sunsets are beautiful beginnings. New York is one of the most legendary cities in the world. What better way to start your night, your love, your life than with the best view in the best city surrounded with the creative elite? The possibilities once it sets are limitless.

Resident DJ Project Matt created this exclusive mix for the 2015's season opening.
He will be back on the roof every Friday with guest DJs.

What should be the main topics of gossip and chitchat on the rooftop during these warm and sexy Friday evenings?
JULES: Ha, warm chatter will begin regardless! I love the summer buzz because our friends seem to focus on the chiller side of banter. To be honest, the roof is an opportune venue to mingle and meet new business, seal the new love deal, or just catch up. I'll be schmoozing it up in preparation for my new jewelry line launch and inviting guests to Saturday brunch at my shop on the Bowery.
KATIE: New creative projects, new business, new lovers, New York.

Jules, your big fashion coup de coeur for Summer 2015?
JULES: My coup de coeur always relates to aesthetic and comfort. I really can't wait to see some underexposed flesh tan into a healthy glow this summer. Hopefully some of that glow will just be evidence of drunken love and that crazy West Side sunset! A visual coup de coeur for this summer is created by our fashion illustrator friend, Niki Pilkington. Her original work will be showcased in this season's flyer artwork!

Katie, your musical coup de foudre?
KATIE: I’m all about Little Baby Angel right now. A true integration of writing, visuals, and musical creativity.

Le Bain presents Select Summer Fridays, every Friday from 3pm to sunset, starting on Friday, May 22nd. The Standard, High Line.

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