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Talking DJs: Kim Ann VS Juan

Juan MacLean: What is it like being a girl DJ?

Kim Ann Foxman: It's just like being a boy DJ, but with lady parts instead (laughs). I do find that sometimes I get really good reactions from people, because it's maybe refreshing to them, which is nice. If you were yourself, let's say a Golden Girl, which one would you be and why?

Juan: Bea Arthur. A painting of Bea Arthur just sold for $1.9 million. I do a lot of yoga, and I'd like to think that a topless painting of me would sell for a fair amount of money. Do you still love DJ'ing or do you just do it for the money?

Kim: I totally love DJing. I love to make people dance as a living. What has been your best gig of this year?

Juan: All of them! (laughs) Surprisingly, maybe, my favorite gig this year was when I played in Dallas at this place called 'It'll Do.' It's this old club with a light up disco dancefloor, I love those things. But the best thing about it was the audience, loads of people dancing from beginning to end. I think in a place like Dallas, the people there who are into dance music aren't jaded like people in bigger cities where they are getting a regular flow of DJ's coming in from out of town. So they were very appreciative, and it's always such a pleasure to play for a room full of people who are really with you the whole time. You should play there, I'm sure they'd be happy to have you! What is your favorite city in the world to DJ?

Kim: That's way too tough! I can't narrow it down to just one. obviously it's great to play all the popular cities like London and Berlin. Playing at Panorama is just super fun, like no other club. Room 3 in Fabric is super fun because it's small and I love small rooms so much. When you can get New York to go off, it can be so amazing, because I think people dance best in New York as far as dance moves go! I really love Cologne because the crowd has always been super warm to me there. And I also agree with you, that it's extra nice to also play cities where people get extra excited, I've had amazing times in Turku, Helsinki, Lisbon. I also love the West Coast a lot... San Francisco, and Seattle can really get crazy! I do have to mention Tokyo because I love japanese food, its so surrreal and exciting to be there, and when I was there, the DJ booth had its own bathroom!

Juan: Do you think it's important for DJ's to look good, or are appearances unimportant?

Kim: It's def' all about the music... I never care about a DJ's fashion. It's so cheesey when a top DJ tries to dress like a 'rock star' that's gross and eewy. If a DJ has amazing skills, and happens to have good style, then great, good for them. but really, all I care about is the music - not weather they're dressed cool enough.

Juan: If you had to pursue another career outside of music, what would you do?

Kim: I don't know but as long as it was creative and adventurous in some way I would really enjoy it. I would most likely design stuff, but I always thought it would be so dreamy to work for National Geographic or Blue Planet documenting nature and animals. I'm so into that idea. Anyone that knows me also knows I have a zillion of the most random get rich quick ideas that I would love to invent. I'm surprised I didnt invent the snuggy actually. (laughs). What is the weirdest thing you ever found in your record bag?

Juan: One time I was DJ'ing in London, and some chick had put a tampon in my record bag! I didn't know what it was, I had to ask a couple of people. Actually, I was DJ'ing with YOU that night... hum.

Kim: the worst request ever?

I was DJ'ing in London recently and this young, some would say 'hot' girl came up to me and requested some song called 'Call Me Maybe'. Honestly, I had never heard of it until I went back to my room and looked it up. And I only looked it up because she was so insistent. She had this attitude like 'I'm the hot girl so I should be getting whatever I want,' and I think she got irritated because I obviously didn't give a fuck. I said 'honey, there are loads of hot girls in the world, but only one Juan MacLean.'

This Sunday May 26 at Le Bain, Été d'Amour in Nouveau York featuring Juan MacLean, Kim Ann Foxman and Scratch Massive. 5pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.

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