Sweeties Staycation with Izzy and Saskia

Girls Night In!

Gorgeous gal pals Izzy Richmond and Saskia Lambert checked in to The Standard, London, dropped their bags and headed up to Sweeties for drinks with the gang— Bee Beardsworth, Allegra Handelsman, Aimee Gillingwater and Charlotte Smurfit

The morning after, Izzy and Saskia answered our questions about friendship and chatted dance parties, Carrie Bradshaw and setting up tents while wearing giant Balenciaga sunnies.
What is your friendship origin story?

Izzy Richmond: Our origin story starts at Brighton University — 2 fashun gurlz! I think we met at a scrappy house party but the friendship has evolved and now we bring that same scrappiness to The Standard! 

Saskia Lambert: It was freshers week at uni and I was at the society fair. As I was leaving, someone so beautiful - I thought it was an angel - Izzy, bounded over to tell me she liked my coat and we were going to be friends. The rest is history. 

Is there a particular memory that comes to mind of what cemented your friendship?

IR: I think me and Saskia really grew as friends when we made plans outside the group chat and started having fun playing dress up around London.

SL: All my early friend memories of us involve a lot of dancing, so it was probably while on the dance floor that our friendship was cemented. 

Have you gone on any trips together? 

IR: We recently went camping together and turns out I’m not a very rural gurl, but we had so much fun — lots of silly stories from that weekend. 

SL: We went camping in Wiltshire for a party. Watching city girl Izzy try and put up a huge bell tent wearing her massive Balenciaga sunglasses is still so funny to me.

What are the most important qualities you look for in friends?

IR: I think for me friendships that stand the test of time are the ones that are created around trust and simplicity. The best friendships I have don’t require a whole lot of work. 

SL: Genuine kindness. I’m all about the small things and when someone does something small but thoughtful without any expectations of something back —I know they are a real one. 


What is a red flag when making new friends that you steer clear of?

IR: Girl friendships are tricky because there is such strength in having positive female role models. A red flag for me is when they don’t see the importance of having strong female energy; in simple terms, not a girl's girl, I guess. 

SL: This is something I stand by!!! Someone who talks badly of their friends. If I’ve just met you and you’re speaking ill of the people closest to you then you will obviously just do the same to me. 

Describe each other in one word?

IR: Saskia - Kind 

SL: Izzy- Genuine 

Where in London are your favourite places for friend dates?
  • IR: The canal in King's Cross 
  • SL: Garden of the Pergola at Hampstead Heath 
  • IR: I love Someday in Finsbury Park. I go there pretty much every weekend if you want to know where to find me. 
  • SL: Faltering Fullback Finsbury Park.
Big group dinner?
  • IR: This is a really good question— I would say a great place I have tried recently is the May Fair Kitchen in Green Park.
  • SL: The Junction in Finsbury Park: loads of different food stands, everyone gets plates and you all share, it's so cute.
How Saskia sees herself: 
How Izzy sees Saskia: 
  • Season: Spring
  • Hobby: Sewing
  • Colour: Silver
  • Flower: Orchid
  • Food: Gluten-Free Pizza
  • Character: Carrie from Sex and the City 
  • Song: Anything by Taylor Swift
How Izzy sees herself: 
  • Season: Summer
  • Hobby: Anything sporty 
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Flower: Sunflower
  • Food: Pizza
  • Character: Raquelle from Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse (an unsung hero and icon)
  • Song: I Can See Now by Automotion
How Saskia sees Izzy: 
  • Season: Winter
  • Hobby: Serving CUNT
  • Colour: Icy Blue
  • Flower: Light Pink Roses
  • Food: Matcha
  • Character: Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous
  • Song: Rush by Troye Sivan
Bring your besties to Sweeties for 2-4-1 sips Tuesday through Saturday from 6-7pm and maybe make it a spontaneous slumber party with low, same-day rates via the One Night Standard App. Cheers to that! x

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