Staycation Sweethearts with Fiona Hartley & Aaron Esh

The coolest couple in town had a nightcap in Sweeties before a slumber party at The Standard, London. Meet Fiona Hartley & Aaron Esh.
Fiona Hartley is the Digital Director at System Magazine and her boyfriend  Aaron Esh is a menswear designer. The pair sat down (with their dog, Meatball) to ask each other some hard-hitting questions in Sweeties

Describe what you’re drinking right now? Set the scene. 

Aaron: Fiona is drinking a negroni and I am drinking a Kiss Miss cocktail. It’s sweet and was recommended by our very nice waitress.

What's the best trip you've ever taken?

Aaron: The best trip we have ever taken as a couple was to Greece. We went to the south of Crete on a very romantic holiday together, when we first got together. Fiona got extremely sunburned. I have got a whole big massive bowl of sweets and dropped it all over the floor in front of everyone.

What’s something London does better than any other city? Curry, raves, car boot sales, etc.

Fiona: Everyone in London has better style. Just like there’s more of an edge, I think. 

Quick fire questions:

What was your dream job as a kid? 
Aaron: I wanted to be a football player and play for Arsenal.
Fiona: My dream job was to be an actress. 

If your partner was a cocktail garnish, what would they be?
Fiona: You would be lemon.
Aaron: You would be an edible flower. 

What’s your pet peeve? 
Fiona: I know yours of mine. 
Aaron: Literally takes three hours to get ready.
Fiona:  It doesn’t. I am just always ready. Mine is that it’s always your way or the highway. 

Describe your bf/gf in three words? 
Aaron: Pretty, smart and stylish.
Fiona: Handsome. Kind. Talented.

What’s the top thing on your bucket list? 
Aaron: Top thing on my bucket list would be a couples' skydive.
Fiona: Mine would be...marriage.

Good night, xx.
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