Suitcase Confessions, Holiday Edition, Part 1: Where to, Standard Friends?

We polled some Standard Culture friends about their holiday routines. In Part 1, we find out where they're headed and what they can't travel without.

Aaron Rose, Art Curator

I'm currently in New Zealand for the holidays. I'm very close to laying my old bones on the beach. My most essential travel item is my Epipen because I have a deadly allergy to nuts. It is definitely something I don't leave home without.

Charlotte Ronson, Designer

I'm traveling to Puerta Vallarta for the holidays. The one thing I would never travel without is my passport and presents for my the whole fam.

Colin Tunstall, Founder/Partner Saturdays

I'm going to Paris, to visit my French girlfriend, then Barcelona for New Years. I'm bringing my iPhone and Contax G2. Documenting helps remembering.

Heidi Bivens, Stylist / Costume Designer

I'm going to Tortolla, British Virgin Islands. I'm bringing a good book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, MD. I'm also bring Academy DVD screeners.

Andre Torres, Wax Poetics

I'll be escaping to the warmth of my lovely Brooklyn bungalow this holiday season with my new drink of choice: Knob Creek, a splash of seltzer, and a twist of lime.

Sam Spiegel, Producer/DJ

I'm going for a surf escape to Kuai. Secret holiday item is Netflix.

Norman Reedus, Actor/Director

For the holidays I'm traveling with my son to Mexico -- sit on a beach, play chess, snorkel stuff -- to get away from the world. He's bringing his ukulele so we may have a little concert for the fish.

Michael Nevin, Founder, The Journal

I just arrived in Colorado where I'm spending time with family. A good set of headphones, a light suitcase, and a cashmere sweater.

Anthony Haden Guest, Writer

I don't plan getaways. They happen. Or not. And I can't think of a single answer to the second half of the question that isn't kind of obvious, like (duh!) chargers and telephone numbers. I often miss Colman's mustard. But travelling with that would be silly.

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