Your January Horoscope:

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: 2019 starts out with a bang! Eclipse season has arrived, it's all about work! Work it, baby.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, 2019 begins with sizzle! El Presidente, your ruling planet of Mars, lands in Aries on January 1st. Make way as the Alpha male/female has entered the room. Aries, you are a cat in heat, hot, confident, and ready to prance. Your energy will be off the charts high; so, lay off the stimulants; skip that second latte. Also, hire a personal trainer to burn off calories; then flaunt your fit bod in some new clothes as you prance around and greet the year. You are positively oozing with confidence and sexuality. Aries, darling, you're impulsive; you love the chase, yet not always the catch. Please don't break too many hearts. On January 5th, the solar eclipse—think New Moon on steroids—lands in your career sector and the sign of Capricorn. For the next 18 months, it's all about your work-life. You must understand the importance of the long-term, big picture. Be patient, have a laser-like focus on your professional goals. Saturn, the big daddy of the zodiac, is hanging out in your 10th house. It is critical to maintain your boundaries, be responsible, work hard, and persevere. Coupled with your signature ambition, you can become a true master of your career. It's your time to shine, show the world your power, and live up to your full potential! The key to this success is finding the balance between home and work. You need some cozy lovin', a hug, a good meal, and some tenderness. Home nurtures you the most... Make sure to fluff it up, get cozy, entertain, and visit your folks. On January 21st, the Full Moon Eclipse arrives, activating your house of love affairs, creativity, and all-around fun. It is the last eclipse in Leo; find your joy, indulge in love affairs, share your sizzling steaminess. Oh, Aries, welcome to 2019. Enjoy every second!  

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Renew your passport, Taurus! 2019 is the year of travel. January kicks off with the planet Mars moving into your 12th house. It is the ideal time to head out of town. Your travels should not be frivolous; they really need to serve a purpose. So, whether work-related, educational, or spiritual sojourn in India to meet the Dalai Lama, just get going... Doesn't that sound so much more fulfilling than sitting on the beach and getting stoned? This month is also an opportunity for retreat and reflection. Work alone, or keep your office door closed; you'll be more productive and creative when you can think quietly. Make sure to rest up, replenish body and soul, and let your imagination soar. Maybe tap the travel bug and do this on an impromptu, weekend vacay. On January 5th, a Solar Eclipse occurs in Capricorn. Eclipses are cosmic reboots, infusing change and new energy to the house where it lands. Capricorn governs your 9th house of education, travel, different cultures, and spirituality. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and dweller in your 9th since last year, will stay until 2020, along with Pluto, planet of transformation. What to do with all of this Capricorn energy? Well, harness it and add greater responsibility, structure, and self-mastery to your life. Learning is also highlighted this month, whether to keep ahead of the game in work, amass a new skill, or even return to school, knowledge is transformative, On January 21st, a Full Moon Eclipse, that is, a full moon x 1000, is in playful Leo. Go home, hang out, chill, and be with your loved ones. I wonder how many stamps will fill up your passport by the end of the year. A fellow travel wanderlust, I am feeling a touch envious. Happy trails and happy January, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Network and connect in 2019, Gemini; you're damn good at it! You are the wittiest, most clever conversationalists of the zodiac; so, work it. The new year begins fast and furiously as Mars, the planet of action, drive, and courage enters into Aries, your 11th house of friends, tribe, dreams, and future aspirations. You bring renewed inspiration to all of the different projects you've been envisioning. Jump on them with enthusiasm, innovation, and purpose. While your social calendar is always booked up, this month, there's barely a blank spot. You're totally in demand! Five days into the New Year, a New Moon Solar Eclipse—a "game changer"—lands in your 8th house, of money, investments, and sex. This house is jam-packed, calling for attention. Get your financial life sorted, invest in the market, refinance your home. Find a new level of accountability. With the taskmaster sign of Capricorn governing this full house, you simply cannot say no. Sex and intimacy call for change and deepening, but you need to prioritize them. Helpful tip, Gem, don't take the cell phone to bed with you. It's not sexy, and you really should just stay focused on your lover. It'll be worth your while, I promise. The Full Moon eclipse lands in Gemini on January 21st. This super powerful event highlights your 3rd house of communication, attitude, siblings, and community. And all is infused with joy. While networking, spread cheer! Make sure to laugh, hang out with your neighbors, gossip with kindness. Add another 1,000 followers on your Instagram page. Start 2019 right... Mingle, sex it up, and keep on dreaming.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Happy New Year, Cancer! It's back to work and you can't wait. Come January, you are driven to succeed and nothing is gonna stop you. Your ambition is at an all-time high; so, tap in and thrive! Please do remember to play nice with colleagues; be a kind boss, and think before you speak. We all know that you can be quick-tempered or lack patience. Remember to blame it all on your insatiable enthusiasm and drive when asked to apologize. 2019 is shaping up to be a pivotal year... With eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, events that happen about once every 18 years, prepare yourself for major change. Think back to 2000-01, what was happening them? Good, bad, or indifferent, you can create a new story, especially now that you're nearly 20 years wiser. On January 5th, the New Moon Eclipse lands in Capricorn, your zodiac's opposite, activating the 7th house of personal and professional partnerships. You've had the heavy, outer planets stationed here for a few years. Listen, you've been through it all with partnerships, AND you survived, right? No more pity parties! Capricorn rules this 7th house; your sense of responsibility, hard work, and sheer perseverance to keep your partnerships afloat is admirable. You still have a few more years to benefit from this energy. Those partnerships which last will last a lifetime. Those who are single, get prepared to fall hard. It's okay... Just be responsible for your stuff; the rewards of security, loyalty, and devotion are worth it. Since you'll be working non-stop this month, you may also see some unhappy partners. The Full Moon Eclipse then lands in playful Leo, and your 2nd house of cash, baby! All those long hours and hard work will pay off. Cancer, go lavish attention on your partner; those single, time to mingle. It is going to be a life-changing year; world, watch out!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, 2019, begins with new yearnings! When your partner in crime, Aries, slips into Mars on January 1st, you are catapulted to take off! You'll feel an itching to get away, learn something new, or meet your guru. If you can't literally escape, fantasize...or seriously, just expand your worldview. Watch a foreign film, attend a Ted Talk, or listen to a podcast on global warming. Leo, you will grow from whatever the experience. On the 5th, the significant solar eclipse of the year occurs in Capricorn, urging you to pay attention to those aspects of your life that need to change. Capricorn governs your 6th house of self-care, work, and the daily grind. With its no-nonsense, take-care-of-business energy, Capricorn will help shift your focus inward, including health. Make that overdue dentist appointment, visit your PCP, and make an acupuncture appointment. While it may not sound glamorous, you've gotta do it. In the work world, you may find yourself overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. Sigh it out. And then get to it, putting one foot in front of the other. All the while, shed old work habits that no longer serve you. You may also be offered a promotion or look to move on professionally; either way, you've got this, Leo. You may just need to make a few internal shifts. Working hard and doing your best come easily; as long as you receive recognition and accolades, you're golden. On January 21, the last Full Moon Eclipse lands in Leo. The spotlight is on you! The world needs your light-hearted joy and commitment to passion. Make us proud as this eclipse doesn't show up again until 2036! So, shine bright and spread your sparkle dust, dear Leo!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, it's an electric start to 2019! The year kicks off with Mars making its powerful way into Aries. Mars is a mover and shaker, inspiring action, drive, and courage. This is no time to be complacent. Mars is activating your house of transformation, sex, and money. Like it or not, you are being prodded toward change, maybe with an intensity that's not always comfortable. Please don't fight it; embrace it, Virgo. It will only enhance your life. This is a perfect opportunity to take control over your finances, sex life, and emotional state of being. Just try very hard to strike a balance between asserting your personal power and turning into an out-of-control freak.  On January 5th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse enters into Capricorn, your celestial BFF. This shines a bright spotlight on your 5th house of creativity, love affairs, kids, and own inner child. Eclipses come to invite change and shake you out of stagnation. This is a good thing! Your 5th house had been uprooted for a few years now; let this eclipse, a.k.a. "mini earthquake" bust things up in the best possible way. Does your creative side need an infusion of new energy? Have you really been enjoying life lately? Are you allowing yourself play time? The big boss planets, in place for a while, want to see you become a true master in these areas of life. As the zodiac's #1 perfectionist, you may have to lighten up to make this happen! Start enjoying the creative process a bit more; get lost in silly time; don't be so hard on yourself or your kids. You have the most responsible inner child around, let him/her have a little fun as you enter the new year. To bolster this lighter energy, please go hang out with your friends; allow them to nurture you and join in the fun. Indulge in a much-needed love fest of TLC. Then, on January 21st, a Full Moon Eclipse—think full moon a zillion times stronger—lands in your 12th house of seclusion. Consider taking a break and having some alone time too, even volunteering which brings you so much joy. Dear Virgo, January sets the stage for you to transform and prepare for an amazing, new year!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, you're lit! On January 1st, Mars, planet of sexuality, drive, and courage enters your 7th house of committed relationships. Single Libras: work your swag; go text someone who ignited a spark or light it yourself. While always the charmer, Mars emboldens you further this month so just go for it. Partnered Libras (and let's face it, most of you are attached as riding solo is not your thing): Mars is pushing you to speak your truth. I say "confrontation," and you think "run". Well, not in January. If you don't express what's on your mind, your partner will. On January 5th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights your home, roots, and family. This area of your chart has been undergoing renovation for some time, figuratively and literally. An eclipse is the cosmos' wake-up call to shake things up. With the holiday time and your strong family values, it is your duty to get everyone together. You're the quintessential peacemaker; whether your family is picture perfect or batshit crazy, you will help your group play nicely and look good while doing it—even if just on the Instagram photos. This focus on family will remain for the next 18 months! Home is indeed where your heart is. You may also refurbish, redecorate, and entertain from your happy abode. When you've had enough family time, work will be your savior. You can escape to the office, and even want to spend more time there. On January 21st, the last Full Moon eclipse lands in Leo. Leo is all about joy and passion for life. Wave to the family but spend time with friends toward the month's end. Party it up with your peeps. Just keep that old flame from Mars alive, dear Libra!  

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Let go, Scorpio. It's time to grow... Your ruling planet, Mars, moves into Aries on January 1st, highlighting your 6th house of work, health, and daily routine. You are crazy driven and impatient, wanting results yesterday. I get it; but please channel your intense Scorpio energy thoughtfully and allow a little time. It will pay off. You are poised and ready to take on new projects and responsibilities. The busier, the better. So, hit the gym hard, take a circuit training, Level 2-yoga, or advanced spin class. Release the excess energy or you'll be a nervous wreck. Listen, if the gym sounds tortuous, there's always sex—dual purposed, release energy and well, you know... If you have any health issues, January is also the month to tackle them. You are in control and ready to heal. On January 5th, the New Moon Solar Eclipse--think New Moon meets the Energizer Bunny--enters the sign of Capricorn. She activates your 3rd house of your siblings, mind, attitude, and community. There has been a lineup of planets in Capricorn reworking this area of your life for a while. Add in a Solar eclipse and you can bust up old, habitual behaviors that no longer serve. Scorpio, with your analytical and penetrating mind, you have an uncanny ability to see through BS in a flash. At the same time, your constant mental chatter, the monkey mind, is too loud. Please quiet it down. Meditate. Distract. Get quiet. Put the stop sign up on negative thinking; it's so boring. Once your mind finds peace, you can achieve anything. This may sound like a talI order, but you've got it, Scorpio. In fact, you need it to move forward. So, put pen to paper; teach a class; take a class; learn something completely new. Find a new meet-up group and get involved in your local community. Ground through mental stimulation. This month, relationships with your siblings may prove a challenge; taking a break from them would be a wise idea. On January 21st, an insanely charged Full Moon Lunar eclipse lands in your career sector. Do you love your work?  As the last eclipse in Leo, this is your chance to follow your heart, finding work that inspires passion and ignites your soul. During this growth month, you'll also see psychic abilities getting sharper. Aren't you curious to know what your lover or boss is thinking? You can find out. Happy, evolutionary January, Scorpio!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sag, I know it's January and everyone is geared up for the new year at work, but you're itching for some fun! It's actually a demand from the universe to go out and play, whenever you can. Your 5th house of creativity, joy, romance, and kids (including your own inner child), is getting an infusion of Mars energy.  Indulge in this levity; we don't want you stuck in FOMO. Reignite passion into your relationship. If single, start swiping left and a choose a few. On January 5th, the solar eclipse of the year falls into Capricorn which rules your 2nd house. This means renewed attention on self-worth, talents, and money. These areas of your life have been undergoing change for a while now. With this Eclipse, there is renewed opportunity for improvement. Capricorn is calling you to get even more disciplined. Sag, you are a natural business person even if you haven't realized it yet. Stand in your value, leverage your talents, and reach your highest potential in the work arena. Saturn will help deliver boundless rewards if you do! And while it may not come easily to you, get really focused on your finances and make sure compensation matches your worth. It's time to be fiscally responsible. Put yourself on a budget and tighten the belt. You've got 18 months to figure this out and I'm so excited for what lies ahead. On January 21st, a Full Moon lunar eclipse, think the moon on steroids, lands in Leo and activates your 9th house, of travel, higher learning, spirituality, and law. Given these natural affinities, get even more inspired. Explore different philosophies, take a class, go on an exotic vacation; just learn something new. Sag, if you feel the financial restrictions from the new budgeting, go back out and play; it will ease any pain.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Cheers, Cap, to a fantastic birthday month! The universe is presenting a cornucopia of gifts to you: 5 planets aligned in your sign and 2 powerful eclipses. Seriously! 2019 is centered on you, Cappy. Saturn, the wise CEO of the zodiac, rules Capricorn, making you the big boss of the new year. All the other signs need to learn about Capricorn energy as you possess so many extraordinary qualities...oh, and a few not-so-attractive ones too. Do you want to share the strong, realistic, persistent, responsible, hard-working, humorous side? Or, show yourself as a controlling, cold, snobbish bore? Obviously choose the first one, love. January 1st the new year, beginnings with Aries moving into the Planet, Mars, our inner warrior Goddess, landing your 4th house of home, and family. You've driven to get your house in order, you may start few home projects, get to it! Be careful not to get into too many arguments with family members, your patience is at an all-time low. Cap, you do not always have to be right, give in a little. The solar, new moon eclipse in Capricorn occurs on January 5th, shining a strobe light on you! Tend to your health to make sure you keep getting better with age, like a fine Bordeaux. No playing the lone wolf this birthday month; get out there; socialize and be seen. Do it in style. You may want to revamp your wardrobe; hire a personal trainer; put on your bossy boots, and soak up the attention.  The eclipses will be working you for the next 18 months, walk into your power, please, just do it.  If all the attention gets to be too much, you can lavish some love on your partner. Single Caps, this is the year to meet your special someone. On January 21st, the last Full Moon Eclipse—with mighty strength—falls in Leo, activating your 8th house of finances, sex, and inner transformation. Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy the pleasure. Find and relish in joy. Leo insists. It's the last eclipse in Leo until 2036 so don't let it go to waste. You should also tune in and make sure you're happy and balanced. It will be an amazing start to an amazing year. Get to it, Capricorn! 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Get your warrior on, Aquarius!  2019 begins with Aries moving into Mars, planet of action, drive, sexuality, and inner strength. This powerful combination of Aries and Mars lights up your 3rd house which governs the attitude and mind.  You are known for brilliant ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and yes, some inane musings too.  You'll have a zillion ideas percolating at once; your brain will run at lightning speed and the rest of us may not be able to keep up. So, you can get impatient, even argumentative. Don't do that! Instead, share your ideas—patiently and with kindness. Your enthusiastic mental activity is contagious. You should go teach a class, write, or even perform a spoken word slam to express and empty your active mind. Do be especially conscious of miscommunication with your siblings or neighbors. There's a way to stay passionate and strong in conviction without alienating. On January 5th, a New Moon Solar eclipse occurs in Capricorn, ruler of your 12th house. This house highlights your subconscious and parts kept hidden from the world. There is a part of you that stays cloaked behind Capricorn's mountain goat symbolism--serious, determined, responsible, and serious. Not many people get to see this side of you... Maybe there is a little, secret Republican in you; what if anyone finds out? Get the idea? This area of your life is being torn up, with the outer, badass planets, Pluto and Saturn, in full presence. Think, terminator meets Robert Mueller! So, why not take a mental break?  Go on retreat, volunteer, get quiet and in touch with this mysterious part of yourself. Cap may help you to discover hidden treasures that you can then reclaim. On January 21st, the very last Full Moon eclipse lands in Leo, your opposite and ruler of partnerships, romantic and professional. The past 18 months have been busy working that house; you may have hooked up, got married, or divorced. In whatever case, the eclipse shifted your love and career aspects life big-time. Now, Leo offers a place to find more joy, creativity, and love. Seize this full moon, Aquarius, with your warrior spirit. Just keep checking in so you don't default to aloof. We all love and need you, Aquarius. Raise that sword and move forward into a meaningful 2019.  

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Get connected, Pisces! 2019 is the year of networking and communing. January kicks off with Mars, your inner barracuda, swimming in the 2nd house of self-worth, money, and talents. You're driven to increase cash flow and pursue a money-making venture. The more money you have, the more secure you feel. Still, dear Pisces, don't measure your self-worth by the amount of money in your bank account. Your value is determined by so much more than green paper. On January 5th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse lands in Capricorn, your fellow compadre in the sky. This activates your 11th house of friends, community, and future aspirations. The big-boy planets, Pluto and Saturn, have been residing there for a while to stir things up. Now, add a solar eclipse, and you've got a "mini-tsunami" of change lasting up to a year. Pluto is the transformer; Saturn the disciplinary. Stay focused and unite with your people. They are so wonderfully diverse and dynamic--from suits to hipsters, healers to creative types. You seek them out, and they bond with you. With that eclipse in Capricorn, it's up to you to keep the tribe together and lead. With your natural-born gift of connecting people to each other and to the cosmos, this should be a piece of cake. On January 21st, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo falls into your 6th house, bringing work, health, and daily routine to the fore. Leo is where you find your joy and passion. So please, Pisces, live fully. Learn, laugh, love. I know this may sound cliché, but you've gotta to it. The eclipses have been in Leo for the past 18 months, pushing you toward optimal happiness. Are you there yet? This is the last eclipse in Leo until 2036 so give it another go. If an edible helps, indulge. Just please tune in, connect, and find your inner bliss. You've got this, Pisces!


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