Your March Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store in March...

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Mercury’s arrival in Aries on Saturday, March 9 takes on more significance than usual this year: He’s co-present with the North Node in Aries and turns retrograde in April. This means the dreamy, emotional Pisces energy is replaced with expressive, dynamic Aries energy. Since Mercury in Aries is ruled by action-driven Mars, it’s time to find a task and complete it. Boldly make those decisions you’ve been mulling over. Use the impulse to push forward, don’t squelch it. Aries thrives when we courageously leap into the unknown. You’ll have the confidence to speak up and share your ideas. But beware the North Node’s undercurrent…watch out for overstimulation and an overdose of enthusiasm.

On March 18, Mercury conjuncts the North Node in Aries perfectly. So mark your calendar (It’s your power day!) and plow through what needs to be accomplished before Mercury heads into retrograde. We are on mental overdrive, amped, highly focused, finalizing plans and making decisions. Seize the energy; carpe diem! 


On Saturday, March 10, the New Moon in Pisces brings dreamy, imaginative and creative energy. Drop into the magical, mystical realm of Pisces where boundaries are blurred. Jupiter in Taurus rules this New Moon, aligning harmoniously with Saturn in Pisces and drawing our attention to weighty matters. What are your long-range dreams? Look to the future and visualize them. Meditate on meaning, fulfillment and the things that draw us forward in our lives.

Trust this slowly unfolding process—gently lean into it. You can’t rush clarity, but it’s emerging. Once your dreams come into focus you’ll know how to methodically move forward. Pisces’ energy embodies the noblest human virtues: peace, compassion and love for all beings. It values kindness, mercy and empathy. Your feelings may feel amplified during this New Moon (overwhelmed by the sorrows and suffering of the world?) but don’t give in to them. Focus on compassion for those we oppose and benevolent solutions to thorny problems.

We greatly need love, empathy and kindness in these complex times. As we set our intentions on the New Moon, may we aspire to cultivate the noblest virtues of Pisces? 


Right after the New Moon, Venus enters Pisces. This tunes us into Pisces magic, with Venus exalted in her beauty. This is a time for creativity, imagination and intuition. Spiritual and mystical inclinations get enhanced while tenderness, compassion and forgiveness abound. Venus invites us to nurture and cultivate her benevolent qualities in our own lives. It’s time to be thoughtful, considerate and empathic. Relationships that need repairing can be mended through forgiveness.

Think of those creative pleasures that bring you joy, like music, dance, poetry, literature, film and art. Venus calls us to transcend ourselves through these experiences; You’ll feel even more moved by them under her spell. Saturn in Pisces beings a slight melancholy undertone to all this creative energy, containing Venus. This transit inspires us to clarify boundaries and expectations in our closest relationships—how do we maintain them with responsibility and commitment?

On the upside, Saturn protects by putting up the guard rails. He demands us to be discerning with whom we let into our orbit. Saturn will reveal the flaws we don’t see within ourselves and others. Fortunately, we are in Pisces's world of great empathy and forgiveness. The energy peaks on March 21, when Saturn and Venus hook up and we’ll feel this energy all week. 


Mars is all about action, drive and assertiveness, but things get a little tricky in the watery world of Pisces. The vibe is moody, and our moods dictate our motivation, energy levels and ability to focus. Think of it like the tides: our motivation, energy levels and ability to focus are constantly ebbing and flowing. Instead of forcing things, go with the flow; if you don’t, it will only bring frustration. Mars, in Pisces, is creative, emphatic and attuned to emotional undercurrents. Embrace it; we don't always need to be productive—instead, we need to dream, create and engage in spirituality.


Happy (Astrological) New Year! The Sun enters Aries on March 19, signifying the equinox and gifting us with vibrant, radiant solar energy. This power amplifies our courage and confidence, encouraging the leader within us to shine forth. It’s a time for new beginnings when we’ll feel like initiating new things, take charge and move forward.

However, we must be mindful not to act hastily, impatiently or forcefully during Aries season. Instead, focus on adventure, competition and action. Ready to take new challenges and move forward with excitement? Let’s do it.


Eclipse season brings chaos, disruption and unpredictability. During the last eclipse, the war in Israel began…more volatility can play out on the world stage. Eclipse season can topple leaders from their positions of power and into obscurity—the energy is powerful! Aries-Libra nodal transits have coincided with wars, anti-war movements and uprisings. So when the news is dramatic, don’t freak out. What happens in the wider world is collective karma playing out.

On a personal level, we've been working with the nodal energies since last Summer. View the ellipse as an exclamation point. What arises during these eclipses is not new; We are already deep into the process of nodal activations. The lunar eclipse on March 25 has the potential to bring peace or some resolution. Let's envision that!


 On March 25, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse forms in Libra—a South nodal eclipse symbolizing endings and releases. This day will bring unpredictable, chaotic and pattern-breaking energy—so use it as a catalyst for positive change. The Moon is in relationship-themed Libra so the chaos may play out in your personal life.

It’s time to let go of relationships (or simply ways of relating) that no longer serve us. Libra seeks harmony almost to a fault, leading to unnecessary compromise, acquiescence and seeking self-validation from others. Review your alliances and identify the places where you’ve overextended ourselves. Like I said, eclipses are pattern breakers, so make sure the patterns this one breaks are the really negative ones. Fortunately, Venus in Pisces rules this eclipse, exalted at her finest.

So lean into Venus and listen to her wisdom: In Pisces, she’s forgiving, compassionate and peaceful. Cultivate your spiritual and introspective side and assess your innate wisdom. You’ll gain insights to embark on new adventures of personal growth.

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in March 2024...


Need a break, Aries? You have permission to be an introvert this month. Embrace a slower pace, minimize distractions and rest up. March lays the groundwork for the upcoming eclipse season, which starts on March 18 and runs through April 20. These eclipses hit your core, dredging up entrenched emotions and stirring awakenings in your relationships. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives in Libra on March 25, lighting up your 7th house of partnerships. The big eclipse comes April 8, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. This is one of the decade’s most important eclipses. These transits are ruled by Venus and Mars in Pisces, dwelling in your 12th house of seclusion. Let this hibernation zone be your sanctuary where intuition and innate wisdom can guide you. You’ll discover parts of yourself that require transformation: unprocessed emotions, self-sabotage tendencies and secret desires. Cheers to shaking yourself out of complacency! You’re going to become the best version of you.



You’ve been all cooped up, Taurus. Time to leave the cocoon and reclaim your space. Saturn in Pisces has been retooling your 11th house of friends and community since last March. Questions of belonging are on your mind: Who are your people? Do they align with your values? Do they support you? Those deep, soulful conversations are what you need to feel inspired these days. When you drop your defense mechanisms you might just find your place in the world. Your ruler Venus enters Pisces to join the Mars and the New Moon, bestowing the confidence to connect with people who inspire and support you. Shake it up, Taurus! Embrace new experiences and friendships. You’re ready to enter the world with renewed enthusiasm for yourself and those who bring light to your life.



Ready to shine, Gem? March is your month to show your best self to the world. Since last March, Saturn—the planet of mastery and authority—has been holding court in your house of career. Saturn’s been preparing you for achievement. And though he’s been harsh and brutal at times, you can accomplish anything with his guidance. Over the last year you’ve worked alongside him, staying true to your vision while focusing on your goals. March brings exciting opportunities with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the New Moon gracing your house of ambition. Now is your time to pursue your dreams with unwavering confidence. This is your moment; seize it! Just remember to take care of yourself while doing so. 




March has the power to soothe your soul and provide solace and strength for the upcoming eclipse season. Since last March, you’ve been on a quest to open your mind. Your entire worldview has gone beyond the superficial and dived into the unknown of mysticism and wisdom. The Sun, Venus, and Mars will be moving through Pisces in March, reigniting this area of your chart. Your path keeps getting deeper and deeper through spirituality, transcendence and connectedness. Pisces is all about faith, compassion, and forgiveness. Cancer, it’s time to cultivate these qualities that are within you. On March 25, the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra will illuminate your home and family life, bringing unresolved issues to the surface to heal and let go of. The Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8 will activate your career, igniting your professional life. Cheers to growing beyond the familiar! 



Last March, Saturn in Pisces took up residence in your 8th house of finances, shared resources and transformation. And what a year it’s been! Saturn’s the stern teacher who’s compelled you to confront the issues you’ve avoided. You’ve been forced to confront big fears: financial insecurity, even mortality. This month, the Sun, Venus and Mars move through Pisces and reveal just how much you’ve grown in this area. The new moon in Pisces on March 10 brings clarity and renewal as you lean in and trust the process. Being vulnerable and gentle with yourself may be difficult, but you’re learning!  You'll feel a shift in your energy on March 20, the start of the Aries season. Remember that familiar Leo desire to shine and bask in the spotlight? It’s back. Cheers to full-circle transformation! 




It’s all about relationships this month, Virgo. Since last March, Saturn in Pisces has been dwelling in your house of relationships—bringing maturity and harsh reality checks. Your relationships have been tested, forcing you to level up. You’ve taken responsibility for your actions, set boundaries, discerned and trusted your intuition. Bravo! Now it’s time for a few offerings of love and inspiration. The March 10 New Moon in Pisces brings tender and loving clarity, inspiring you to envision your long term relationship dreams. But it gets even better: When Venus joins the Sun in Pisces, she bestows harmony—allowing your innate loving qualities to shine forth. You’ll feel Saturn’s melancholy undertone but he’s just strengthening your boundaries, creating guard rails to protect you. May your love and compassion flourish. Cheers to love!




Buckle up for the upcoming eclipse season, Libra! March is pivotal because it prepares you for this profound, life-changing new season. Prioritize self-care during this time—that’s your solace while you navigate the transformative journey ahead. This is a period of rapid growth and self-awareness, where your sense of identity and personal relationships change significantly. You’ll shake up some parts of yourself to evolve into an even better version. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra occurs on March 25, illuminating the parts of you that need to be left behind for you to move forward. Venus in Pisces rules the full moon, so being gentle with yourself is important. You are going through a profound internal transformation that began on October 15 on the New Moon Eclipse in Libra. Remember to take care of yourself as you would for a loved one. 




There’s no getting around it, March is a tumultuous month for you. The eclipse season begins March 20 and runs through April 18, but you’ll feel the undercurrents for a few weeks. Find solace in your 5th house of creativity, romance and pleasure. This house is ruled by Pisces—another water sign—and he’s your person. Saturn, the teacher, has been dwelling here since last March, taking you on a journey. He’s helped you with boundaries, discipline and focus. Creativity needs a bit of order, and Saturn helps shape your process without crowding it in. This month, The Sun, Venus, and Mars all move through Pisces, revealing how much you've grown and matured here. Surrender in this house daily—love, creativity and pleasure can be transcendent, expanding your innate love, joy and compassion. The upcoming eclipses are ruled by Venus and Mars; making the 5th house even more significant. You can expect profound and subtle shifts to occur.  




The eclipse season doesn’t start until March 20, but you’ll feel some effects of it ahead of time. Over the next few weeks (and into the eclipse season) take comfort at home. You’re a nomad at heart but home is your stable foundation—a refuge from the chaotic eclipse energy. Since last March, Saturn has brought structure, responsibility, boundaries and reality checks where you’ve needed it most. In March, the Sun, Venus, and Mars will all move through Pisces in your 4th house, revealing how much you've grown. This calls for a celebration! On March 10, the New Moon in Pisces will mark a new beginning, clarifying your long-term goals. Take this opportunity to envision your ideal home life. Venus in Pisces will bring beauty, compassion, love, forgiveness and harmony to the family dynamic. It is a perfect time to work on mending and healing family relationships. Use this opportunity to create a loving and ethereal home!




Hang on, Capricorn—a dramatic eclipse season is coming and March is going to be pivotal. The season (from March 20 to April 18) marks the second series of eclipses that began last October, profoundly impacting your home and professional life. You crave equilibrium between your home and work life, but remember that your biggest growth area lies in your 4th house of roots and family. These eclipse series will be profound and life-changing, so it's essential to prioritize your daily life. Seek out love and beauty in your everyday life.  During this rapid growth and self-awareness period, your sense of identity and relationships will transform significantly, shaking up some parts of yourself and helping you evolve into a better version of you. The Full Moon eclipse in Libra on March 25 illuminates the parts you need to be shed to move forward. You’re going through a profound internal shift that began on October 15, on the New Moon Eclipse in Libra. Cheers to transformation!



Money on your mind? March illuminates your house of finance, bringing new opportunities. Last March, Saturn arrived in Pisces for a three-year stay—lighting up your house of finances and self-worth. This brings a lesson on what you value and how to get it. Saturn (the stern teacher) brings reality checks, boundaries and discipline to this area. All year, you’ve been learning how to manage your money wisely. March 2024 provides more insight and offers a second chance to get things right. It can be tricky for Pisces to rule your 2nd house, since he brings flexibility where you need discipline. All the personal planets will move through this house. When the New Moon in Pisces arrives March 10, fresh starts are for the taking. Envision your long-term dreams with new clarity. Besides financial freedom, what do you spend your money on? Does it bring meaning to life? Venus in Pisces joins the party; She attracts financial opportunities and favorable negotiations. Celebrate your victories! 




Happy Birthday, Pisces! You've come a long way since Last March, when Saturn entered your sign. He's spent that time setting up boundaries and bringing reality checks. Saturn's motto is tough love, demanding that you grow and mature. You've been pruning away from the aspects of your life that are no longer valid, almost bringing on an identity crisis every season. This Pisces season is a time of renewal. All the personal planets will move through Pisces, paying homage to you. Your annual New Moon in Pisces arrives on March 10, offering you a fresh start! Use this infusion of clarity to envision your long-term dreams and aspirations. You live through your imagination, so once you dream it, you can create it. That's your magic at work. Venus enters Pisces on March 11, bestowing her magnetism. People will be drawn to you with Venus energy shining through—innately loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving. Cheers to those beautiful qualities!


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