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Stan's D'aily Designer Interview: Chris Benz

On Monday night, pink-haired designer Chris Benz took over fashion week, starting off with an incredibly luxurious showing of his A/W 12 collection. Glamour like that doesn't come easy. Later in the evening, he took the party over to The Standard, East Village's Penthouse where friends like Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr stopped by to congratulate him. He took a moment to speak to me, one of his non-celeb party guests, and to answer my questions of the week...

After fashion week I'm going to...

Straight to Paris and London.

British Vogue or French Vogue?

Tea for breakfast, café grande after dinner.

Most important accessory for a man?


Epitome of luxury for a woman?

A man with manners.

Designing for The Duchess of Cambridge would be...

Amazing ... I would only be one degree from Harry.

Downton Abbey or Real Housewives?

Downton Abbey on the plane, Real Housewives at home.

Leather makes me feel...

Better than I do about suede.

The last thing that made me gasp...

The rotating hotdogs at Seven Eleven.

The Standard is literally, like the...

One place I can have a staycation in New York.

So over...

My apartment.

So into...

Living in a hotel ... Hum hum!

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