One Night In Cómeme

LE BAIN: Cómeme means 'a body that gives itself away.’ What is your favorite record of the label to illustrate that motto?
LENA WILLIKENS: The Isaac Johan 12“ is quite a good illustration: four mysterious tracks, produced between Moscow, the district, and Berlin. Might this be a relic of the Cold War? Who is Isaac Johan? Nobody knows. And Isaac disappeared. It´s all about the music which Cómeme wants to share with all of you, and not about Isaacs' ego!

Isaac Johan Isaac Johan (Cómeme)

MATIAS AGUAYO: My upcoming release on Cómeme, Bay a Salí Bolando from El Rudo Del House. This is a physically liberating track in which I get the feeling that the music takes over my body - just energy developed through the music that makes you move.

CHRISTIAN S: It’s impossible for me to pick just one. I have so many favorite tracks and I think all the music on Cómeme is body music. In that sense, just start with Daniel Maloso’s track Body Music from his 2012 album on Cómeme. "Eeeeeeeeverybody!" Yep, let’s go dancing.

Daniel Maloso Body Music (Cómeme)

The label is very attached to the idea of partying, it's also about ’situations.' Could you share one typical Cómeme situation?
Matias: Christian and I did a party by the river and announced that it would take place even if it's raining. The dance floor was already stomping (& pumping) when a heavy rainfall almost drowned the party, and speakers fell into a muddy grass floor while the amps were flashing like in a Terminator movie. The crowd, trying not to not get too, covered themselves with what they could, and helped to move the whole sound system under a bridge. We started doing acappella house and disco while rebuilding the whole sound system and once the first beat could be heard a loud yell of cheering dancers echoed through the whole bridge…

Christian: Standing on top of one of the Teotihuacan Pyramids with Matias, Avril Ceballo, and Sarah Szczesny one fresh and early morning in Mexico followed by a stray dog, wearing the beautiful costumes and masks Sarah made for a gig in the capital city the day before, and soon being accompanied by a Mexican school class was certainly a special situation.

Matias Aguayo El Rudo Del House (Cómeme)

And you Lena?
Lena: There was a unforgettable Cómeme party in Cologne. We had black light lamps everywhere and all the Cómeme artists had painted their faces with fluorescent colors. We had some leftovers from these colors and in the middle of the party we recognized that everyone in the club had painted their faces too. I will never forget the picture of a packed dance floor filled with glowing faces!

Matias, can you introduce us to Lena?
Matias: Lena is a very intimidating DJ for anyone who has to share the booth with her! She has long claws, an ice cold look in her eyes, and her hair flies all over the place like she's in some feverish nightmare when she's shaking her head to some extraterrestrial underground techno tune. To play before her is less painful than playing after her though, when you ask yourself how to keep up with the uniqueness of her wonderful sets.

Christian S Die Durch Die Nase Lachen (Long Hot Summer Version / Cómeme)

Lena, please tell us about Christian...
Lena: Christian is one of those DJs and musicians with an amazing, intuitive approach to music and a Buddha-like aura. Christian is able to lay a golden egg with almost no effort! Christian is the man with the master plan!

Christian, what about Matias?
Christian: As a musician, he is one of the most creative people I know - constantly searching for new ways to do music and experimenting with rhythms, sounds, and vocals. As a DJ he is one of my favorite DJs ever since I started playing with him over 15 years ago. He seems to have superpowers and his selection is always fresh, powerful, and free of boundaries. As "The Don" and Cómeme's impresario, he also has a wonderful gift: to connect and bring people together.

Saturday, March 14th, Le Bain presents One Night In Cómeme. Music by Matias Aguayo, Christian S and Lena Willikens. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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