Your October Horoscope: Carry the Power of the Planets to the Polls

If things are feeling tense and overwhelming down here on our little baby blue, just know we're not alone. The rest of the planets are finding themselves in precarious positions and frustrating situations, too. We're all in it together right now, which is why this month we need to channel and focus that challenging energy instead of letting it overtake us. We simply cannot afford it. A monumental, historical, life-changing election, to put it extremely lightly, is just a month away. How your sign prepares for the election, raises awareness of the important issues at stake, and ultimately casts a ballot is entirely unique and specific. Fortunately, we've got Lori Bell, our sage in-house astrologer, to walk us through how we can best prepare for the days ahead. The countdown is on, and the time is now.
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Not even Hollywood could have written the horror story of 2020 better than it wrote itself. Yes, the call came from inside the White House, but reality will have a twist ending not even the movie “Get Out” could have predicted. Guess what? We will survive. Sure, we continuously live with the “OMG” ongoing moments and the “WTF” events that continue to shock and alter our lives. These can feel like a constant kick to the gut (or a kick to worse places). But let’s think glass half full; by now, we all probably have abs of steel.

October finds us in a very precarious historical moment, to put it mildly. The US election is 33 days away; most people will be voting early this month. If you care about democracy, the planet, systemic racism, diversity, science, inclusion, equality, and kindness, please vote. This is not the time to give in to despair or give up. October celestial skies are tense. The month begins with a tumultuous full moon and ends with an erratic full moon. 

Mars continues to be retrograde, fighting with Saturn and Pluto, the hard planets, creating tension, anger, and frustration. The wild card is Mercury, which goes retrograde on October 13th and turns direct on Election Day. Not your typical Mercury retrograde, as he opposes the unpredictable planet Uranus. Expect unforeseen, unprecedented, erratic events to occur. Historic reference: that pesky 2000 election with Gore and Bush that was too close to call, required a recount, and dragged on for weeks with squabbling, arguing and back-and-forths before a final decision was made. Remember that one? Who could forget? Well, Mercury went direct on that Election Day and we all know how that turned out. 

Mercury rules communication and while in retrograde, he wreaks havoc with communications, misunderstandings and delays. You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that mail-in ballots will be lost, signatures challenged and the occupant of the White House, desperate to cling to power to avoid justice, will attempt to execute many nefarious ways to suppress the vote. Please don’t take anything for granted. Make a plan: vote early, volunteer at the polls, mail in your ballot, or drop your ballot off personally to an official drop-off location. Then, track that ballot like a social media stan follows its celeb crush. I suggest that if you mail in your ballot, ask a Virgo to double check it. Nothing is guaranteed, please stay vigilant. 

If we all participate in helping move the scale of justice, we have only one obligation in October, and that is to vote.  Two American heroes, both Pisces, John Lewis, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, paved the way for equality, voting rights, and women’s rights. Lewis, an American statesman and civil rights leader, said, "The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have.” He was right. The irreplaceable late, legendary Supreme Court Justice,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Notorious RBG, said "Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you" This vote is for them, too. This horror story deserves a happy ending. Let’s give to them and make them proud.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, you are the fearless leader who stands up to injustice and oppression. Never one to sit around and complain, you channel your anger and outrage into action. You should run for prez because you, Aries, do a helluva lot more than pull a Karen on Twitter. You can be found leading peaceful demonstrations or upsetting the peace by getting into heated political debates. You spring into action and inspire others to do so. Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Stay angry, Aries, as that’s what is going to you fuel you in the next six weeks. Consider volunteering at the polls; your strong presence will help prevent any shenanigans or disorder. Rally your friends, neighbors, and family members, and inspire them with your enthusiasm. Get into "good trouble," as the great John Lewis said. We need your bravery more than ever now, Aries, so lead us to the polls. We’re walking arm in arm, right beside you.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, you are the most patient, persistent, reliable and, yup, stubborn sign of the zodiac. Because you’re rarely swayed from your opinion, you can seamlessly convince others of your opinion, too. It helps that you don’t take anything lightly. You've done your due diligence on all the candidates and the Senate races, and you’re ready to make your voice heard and counted. People rely on you, Taurus. You are the bastion of calm in this chaotic world. You are the voice of reason, holding firm in your beliefs. You’re industrious, you love your creature comforts and are at your best when you have financial security. You probably had a savings account at 10 years old. I would wager you have never paid less than $750 in federal taxes in your entire life, and you’re no billionaire, either. Donate, register people to vote—there’s still time, so write postcards, reach out to all your friends, family, colleagues, dog trainer, everyone and anyone, and share your opinions with them. You inspire others to vote through calm tenacity, rarely getting discouraged when things are looking bleak. You can focus on the issues that matter and inspire others to do the same. That fierce focus is exactly what we need right now!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gear up, Gemini because we are counting on you to curate and navigate all the latest news updates. There is way too much to process these days and we need your help. The news is dizzying and it’s maddening to have to decipher between the real and the fake. Being the most inquisitive sign of the zodiac, sharing information is your gift. Contrary to a certain Gemini currently occupying the White House, you want factual information. You’re a natural journalist who fact checks before sending. You, Gem, are not allergic to the truth. We depend on you to inform us of where, when and how to vote.  Do your part affecting positive change—we need tons of it. You are the one in the know, our go-to! Keep on posting on social media and make sure to lead all your friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers to vote. There’s no such thing as overkill when it comes to this election season. The more we know, the better off we will all be!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, you are the most caring and sensitive sign of the zodiac. Because you feel everything viscerally, reading the latest news updates can be hard to stomach. Just follow a Gemini on social media.They will keep you informed and, no, not about the Kardashians being kanceled, but the actual, important news. Cancer, you speak from your heart. If anyone needs convincing on why to vote, you’re the one to do so! If you can get through a conversation on kids in cages and over 200,000 dead from a deadly pandemic blown off as hoax and flu, you'll have them seeing—and crying— blue. Consider volunteering at the polls or handing out bottles of water to those waiting in line in the heat and humidity, or helping the elderly fill out their absentee ballots. Gather friends, family and like-minded neighbors to go vote together, or organize a Get Out the Vote Zoom and fill out your ballots together. We’re counting on you, Cancer, to use your kindness and consideration to move people emotionally and physically towards the polls!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, your inner optimism, confidence and joy is a potent potion that’s precisely the remedy for this contentious election. Only a Leo can make voting fun. Your high energy and unabashed spirit show us that nothing is out of reach, including the end goal on November 3rd. You’re loud, proud, and you rage when needed. Throw an early voting party outdoors, or host a pre-voting Zoom confab! Become a poll watcher where you'll keep people entertained, and perhaps hydrated, while they wait in line. Iced covfefe, anyone? We need your joy, optimism and brave heart, trickling out into the universe like sparkle dust shooting out of the horn of a unicorn steered by the Notorious RBG. May her memory be a revolution! She’s the queen and you are the lion king, a courageous cheerleader commanding and demanding an outcome in which democracy is defended and our republic is salvaged. We hear you, and we’re roaring right along with you.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, you worry about every detail, but good news: your obsessive compulsions will come in handy this month. You probably know everything about all the presidential and vice presidential candidates, plus all Senate and local. You most likely know when early voting starts in all 50 states. How many hours a week are you researching and reading up on stats? Keep at it, you've only got five weeks left. I hope you are volunteering, especially helping elderly people with filling out their ballots. How about a YouTube tutorial on correctly filling out your absentee ballot? You were made for this! You can prevent these mistakes from happening and help others get it right so nothing is lost in the shuffle or allegedly ends up in a river somewhere. Host a Zoom workshop, invite your friends, family, and everyone you know! You are calm, thorough, and have your talking points down to a science. Virgo, you are needed now more than ever! 

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Happy Birthday Libra! To celebrate, throw a voting party. Round up your crew to fill out your mail-in ballots together, or meet at the polls to vote. Then, eat some cake and make those birthday wishes for all of us! Libra, I urge you to use your extraordinary diplomatic skills wisely. You have the ability to persuade those who are sitting on the sidelines to get up and vote. Add to that your beguiling charm, and, well, who can resist? You are even-tempered, and crave beauty and peace. What triggers you, Libra, is injustice and unfairness, which is why you’re probably feeling more fired up now than usual. What you will fight for is justice. You've been fighting a long battle and will continue to do so. You inspire others by rationally explaining the endless injustices occurring in our country. A fellow Libran and actual Nobel Peace Prize recipient, former President Jimmy Carter, urged the expansion of vote-by-mail across the county. It’s very safe, despite what the current occupant in the White House says. You know what’s actually dangerous? Not voting at all. Be like President Carter, Libra. Eat some peanuts and keep up the good fight. Justice will prevail with your help. 

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Just go full-on House of Cards for the next five weeks, Scorpio. Mercury is in your sign until October 27th and he loves getting messy and digging up the dirt on the opposing side. Just share the New York Times article on you-know-who’s taxes or lack thereof. That will do. But get going, Scorpio. Use that vengeance for the common good. You never forget a slight, and when it comes to recent politics, it’s been nothing but slights. So many slights you’re sick of all the slights. For you, it is all or nothing. You get especially pissed off by the notion of people being hurt, and in 2020 we've seen way too many injuries. But it’s not all doomsday. Not even close. Your strength and power lie in the ability to focus your energy. You are a strategic thinker. Use your passion, power, and ability to read others to get them to vote. Do whatever it takes, Scorpio, because this is literally life or death, and you are in it for life. So is another Scorpio whose name you may recognize and support: Joseph R. Biden.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius, you thirst for knowledge. You'll learn everything you can about the candidates running, because your entire life is a quest for truth and information. You'll choose the articulate, intelligent candidate with a vast vocabulary, the one who reads and pays his taxes. You've got a strong sense of right and wrong, which is deeply grounded in your values. You are ever the optimist, always see the glass half full, even in the direst of times. Sag, gather your tribe far and wide and get them on board to vote. If anything will motivate you, it is your freedom to roam the world. Sadly, our passport isn't welcome in many countries anymore. I know you care about democracy; to save it you've got to work for it. As a fellow Sag, the prematurely late Chadwick Boseman said, “Purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history.” Get moving, Sag, and find your purpose There’s only 33 days to locate it. Let’s do this. 

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, you like being in control. You're very responsible and will enthusiastically exercise your civic duty to vote. But not blindly. You’ll do your homework so well that you’ll be able to fact check the fact-checkers. Cap, people come to you for sage advice. They secretly do not want to disappoint you; that is the power you wield. If anyone can convince others to vote in their own self-interest, it is you, dear Capricorn. You do it with a cold, detached delivery of the hard facts. Most of the time you are unable to conceal your judgment, but hopefully this time you’re wearing a mask so no one can see your facial expressions. Because you’re best at texting, messaging or talking on the phone, I suggest you avoid Facetime or Zoom, as your resting bitch face can be intimidating. Capricorn, dignity, discipline and respect are your trademarks. You accept nothing less in your president, so clearly, you’ve been shafted.  Michelle Obama, a fellow Capricorn, said, "When you don't vote, you're letting someone else take over your own life," and you, Cap, would rather eat glass than let that happen.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

It's time to mobilize, Aquarius. There are only 33 days left.  I have no doubt you been politically engaged, or least scrolling through Twitter 100 times a day. Aquarius, you care profoundly for humanity. Equality for all is your personal mantra. Your intelligence, idealism and vigor drive you to register folks to vote. Your mind works creatively, you think outside of the box and come up with solutions when others could not. You inspire people with your smarts, your weirdness, and the ability to engage with people from all walks of life. Volunteer! You thrive when you are part of a group working for humanity. Abraham Lincoln, a fellow Aquarius, overturned slavery. We need you to participate in the most crucial election of your lifetime. The U.S Postal Service’s 630,000 intrepid workers have gone through, sleet, snow and political muck to bend the rules making sure the ballots would be delivered on time. Resisting the Postmaster's General changes out of a responsibility to their American duty to protect the republic is downright heroic. I am confident an Aquarian instigated this!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, the country needs to bathe in your kindness. The division, anger and mean-spiritedness are beyond disheartening. Science has validated that compassion is essential for our well-being, resilience and survival. Pisces, you care about all beings, from the disenfranchised to stray animals, opt to forgive quickly, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Witnessing suffering launches you into action. Pisces, you draw people in, and with your gentle persuasion, you'll get them to the polls or to request a mail-in ballot. A president who could not condone white supremacy while asking for the Proud Boys to stand by during the first debate does not have a shred of decency. Pisces, you inspire people to find their own compassion and to vote with a conscience. Volunteer, do what it takes, and you’ll make the country and your fellow Pisces peeps, John Lewis and RBG, proud.


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