Your July Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store in July...

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On July 2, Mercury makes his move from emotionally sensitive Cancer to bold and expressive Leo. This significant transition in our communication style encourages us to look toward the future rather than dwelling on the past. You’ll feel free to express our dreams and desires with newfound confidence and flair. Mercury in Leo brings a dramatic and persuasive quality to our words, infusing our thoughts and conversations with enthusiasm and creativity. It 

prompts us to think more imaginatively and speak assertively. Do expect (and send) those playful, outrageously theatrical text messages. Just remember to balance your increased self-expression with active listening, as Leo's energy can sometimes overshadow others.


July 5’s new moon in Cancer brings a deeply nurturing energy. This celestial event is particularly significant as it aligns with Sirius, the second brightest fixed star after the Sun, representing a powerful new beginning and a change in direction. This is a rare occurrence, happening only once every 18 years. The intentions we set during this time have the potential to provide long-term protection and sustenance, much like an acorn growing into a mighty oak tree that offers shade and shelter. Tap into those deep sources of nourishment to infuse your life with meaning and purpose. Venus in Cancer amplifies this energy, increasing sweetness, harmony and connection in our relationships with loved ones. Our desire for belonging and support is emphasized, encouraging us to embrace nurturing relationships and remain open to new, supportive connections. The intentions you set now plant seeds of intention that align with your true self and deepest aspirations.


Venus in Leo radiates warmth, affection and joy. This celestial alignment celebrates life, as Venus resides in the Sun's domain, enhancing our vitality and illuminating our world. Venus in Leo embodies confidence, charisma and extravagance. She's a Queen and expects to be treated as such! This placement encourages us to recognize our inherent worth and demand the respect we deserve. It prompts us to raise our standards in all aspects of life, from material possessions to personal experiences. Venus in Leo knows her value and isn't afraid to seek the best.

The Leo influence brings out our inner diva—entertaining, extravagant and fun-loving. It’s time to indulge in life's pleasures and share them generously with those we love. Embodying Venus in Leo's energy, we want approach life with celebration, generosity and self-assurance. Don’t forget: When we shine our light brightly, we permit others to do the same.


It's going to feel a little intense in your relationships, potentially stirring up deep-seated issues. You might find yourself drawn into dramas and power dynamics, oscillating between subtle manipulation and overt struggles for control. Compromise becomes crucial, requiring us to navigate these turbulent waters with finesse and diplomacy. This transit’s seductive undercurrent can turn our desires into full-on obsessions. Whether fixated on a person or an object, we might feel an overwhelming urge to possess, consume and have it at any cost. Don’t let desire cloud your decisions!


Starting July 15, Mars and Uranus collide in Taurus, with Algol (the fixed star) joining them, unleashing a perfect storm of disruption and shock. Algol, the fixed star symbolizing “losing one's head,” amplifies the chaos. Watch for toppling leaders and flaring tempers. The moon's opposition in Scorpio cranks up the intensity, leaving us on shaky ground.

Some may sense this collectively, but others might feel it more personally. Don't panic! We've weathered similar cosmic storms before. Algol, however, adds extra drama to the mix. Expect this intensity to play out through world events. The news cycle will be a whirlwind in the coming days. Keep an eye on the US Republican National Convention—surprises are likely in store. Whatever happens, you’ve got to ride the waves of change.

Through this unpredictable transition, stay flexible—not rigid. You might need to postpone some meetings if you need space to breathe. Channel the rebellious, intense energy into new clarity and insights on your situation. You might just find a breakthrough.


Mars enters Gemini for a six-week stay, sparking a lively shift in our cosmic mood. This transit energizes our minds and actions, amplifying curiosity and decisiveness. While we'll be tempted to chase every fleeting idea, it's wise to be selective. Instead of scattering our focus, pick a few engaging projects to juggle. This approach satisfies Gemini's hunger for variety while keeping us productive. Think of it as cosmic multitasking—stimulating enough to ward off boredom yet focused enough actually to get things done. As we embrace overly stimulating buzzing energy, we'll need to pace ourselves…or end up scrolling the hours away. 


The second Capricorn full moon hits July 21, doubling down on its message. Full moons are all about wrapping things up—completion, release and endings to make way for new beginnings. This lunation is calling us to make those practical adjustments. Be restrained as you consider the long-term consequences of your actions: Capricorn demands thoughtful, strategic moves.The Sun and Moon harmoniously align with Neptune, calling us to turn inward and embrace our inner hermit.

The cosmos invites us to ponder, plan and prep. As you reflect on this cycle of endings and releasing, remember that this Capricorn energy lays the groundwork for long-term growth and achievement. Even if it feels heavy now, trust that it's all part of the bigger picture.


Welcome to Leo Season, a time of radiant energy and self-expression! As the Sun enters Leo, it ignites our creativity and passion. The Lion, ruling this season, embodies strength, confidence and regality. Now is the time to embrace these majestic qualities, tapping into your inner courage and leadership. Leo's warm, loving nature urges us to open our hearts to joy and enthusiasm. Now is the time to shine your unique radiance outward and pursue your goals with renewed vigor. Be stubborn about the positive things you want to implement in your life, persistent in your dedication and refuse to let anything interfere with your progress. This active period builds momentum for achieving our dreams. Clarify your vision and move toward it with Leo's characteristic confidence and vitality. Embrace your authentic self, set high standards and let your inner Leo roar. 


When the Sun opposes Pluto, power dynamics will play a crucial role in our interactions—in both how we handle our power and in how we relate to others. Collaborative efforts will involve a delicate balance of power as we negotiate various priorities and needs. This transit emphasizes the importance of understanding and balancing one's own needs, wants and priorities while also considering those of others.
Tune into hidden power dynamics and recognize that a situation is often more complex than you initially realize. What's unknown or kept from us may have a significant influence. We'll encounter push-pull oppositions that require us to assert our strength and hold our ground. However, it's equally important to consider what we're willing to concede if we become too entrenched in a position. By finding this balance, we can work through challenges more efficiently. The key is to remain aware of these subtle power plays, adapt our approach as needed and stay true to ourselves. 

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in July 2024...


The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 lights up your home zone. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, joins in—making this moon extra powerful. Make your cozy nest and set intentions for a nurturing space to support you for years. You might hit a little money stress mid-month, when Mars teams up with wildcard Uranus and Algol, a star known for its tricky vibes, in your finance sector. Take a deep breath and tackle any cash concerns head-on—you've got this! If work's been a whirlwind lately, blame it on the month's second full moon in Capricorn on July 21. This one lights up your career zone, bringing things to a head. Full moons are all about wrapping things up and this one's no exception. You've been chipping away at these themes for a while now, so it's time to lay some solid groundwork. Think of some practical, no-nonsense changes that'll set you up for the long haul.
This energy rests firmly on the ground—it's all about being level-headed and playing the long game. As the Sun and Moon cozy up to Neptune, it invites you to turn inward, reflect and tune into your inner voice. Mars, your ruler, enters busy Gemini on July 20. It is time to turn your ideas into action! 



The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 illuminates your communication zone, emphasizing connections with siblings and neighbors. Sirius, the brightest star, joins in, adding extra good fortune. What you set in motion now could have lasting effects, so choose your intentions wisely. You’ll feel a rebellious streak coming on mid-month when your ruler Venus clashes with Pluto, stirring up tension with family and work. From July 15-16, Mars teams up with unpredictable Uranus and Algol, a star known for its harsh vibes. This cosmic mix is messy, chaotic and disruptive. It is like an earthquake, sending shockwaves throughout the cosmos. The following days might feel a bit like a rollercoaster. Maintain your usual calm demeanor, but not so much. Give yourself some breathing room and clear your schedule to avoid unnecessary drama. If you’re feeling pushed, find your own space. Even if things feel messy, there might be a hidden upside. Sometimes, a little shake-up can lead to positive changes. Trust your instincts and try to ride out any turbulence with grace. Remember, this too shall pass and you might find yourself in a better place once the dust settles!



Money on your mind? The Cancer New Moon on July 5 spotlights your finances, opening a window for positive change. Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, joins the party, adding extra oomph to this lunation. Your intentions now could shape your future…so think big! Does your work align with your values and aspirations? If not, now's the time to envision what would. Things get a little chaotic from July 15-16 when Uranus and Algol (a fixed star known for its volatile energy) align in Taurus. Together, they can stir up unexpected drama behind the scenes. Keep an eye out for hidden obstacles, including your self-sabotaging tendencies. A major shift occurs on July 21 as Mars enters your sign. Suddenly, you're buzzing with energy and curiosity, pulled in a million directions. Tempting as it is to do it all, it's not possible. Rein yourself in and don't overcommit…stay focused on what truly stimulates your mind. Prioritize what matters most and resist the urge to scatter your efforts. This period offers great potential only if you channel your energy wisely. Think quality over quantity!




It’s your season, time to make moves! The first few days in July are time to advance the big life plans you've been contemplating. What new endeavors will you embark on while feeling creative and supported? Your annual New Moon in Cancer on July 5 is one of the year's most nurturing, supportive and potent lunations. Sirius, the brightest fixed star, conjuncts the New Moon, blessing it with protective and supportive energy for the long term. Reflect carefully before setting your intentions for what you want to call in on this rare New Moon. From July 15-16, expect a little drama or conflict with friends. It's wise to wait until this vital but tumultuous energy passes. Remember, it's not worth losing friends over temporary tensions! The second Capricorn Full Moon forms on July 21, doubling down on its message in case you missed it the first time around. This full moon illuminates your house of relationships, inviting you to make necessary adjustments. Capricorn encourages self-restraint and consideration of long-term consequences. Instead of reacting emotionally, try to be thoughtful and strategic. Always listen to your intuition; it remains your wisest counsel.



July promises to be a rollercoaster, Leo. Count the days until your season arrives, bringing a welcome reprieve from the month's tumultuous energy. Venus graces Leo on July 11, softening the mid-month intensity. However, brace yourself for July 12 when Venus clashes with formidable Pluto, amplifying dynamics in both personal and professional spheres. You may face power struggles, conflicts and revelations about hidden agendas. Navigate this period with a willingness to compromise and look out for subtle manipulations, both external and internal. Aim for win-win solutions rather than dominance. Mid-month ushers in a celestial storm. On July 15-16, Mars aligns with unpredictable Uranus and the volatile fixed star Algol in Taurus. This potent combination could trigger chaotic, unforeseen events, particularly in your career. You might feel pushed to your limits, tempted to abandon ship. Instead, choose your battles wisely and stay flexible. If possible, avoid the fray entirely! Relief arrives with Leo Season on July 22, reigniting your inner fire. After weathering these turbulent weeks, you're ready to roar again. Embrace the newfound energy and indulge in some well-deserved fun. Your time to shine has come at last!



Your House of Good Fortune’s ignited by July 5’s New Moon in Cancer—focusing your attention on work, friendship future goals. Good vibes (and good luck) are on their way! Sirius, the brightest benefic fixed star, joins this lunar party, adding potent magic and long-term support. Before setting your intentions on this auspicious moon, reflect upon what provides deep, soulful nourishment and meaning in your life. Mid-month feels like a cosmic roller coaster, particularly around July 15-16, especially if you’re traveling during this time. On July 20, Mars zooms into Gemini for a six-week stay in your house of career. Mars visits this area every two years to stir things up and you'll likely find your mind buzzing with stimulating ideas, decisiveness and curiosity. If you feel pulled in a zillion different directions, choose the most engaging projects to manage and pace yourself. Now is an excellent time to collaborate with others, bouncing off your brilliant ideas and bringing them to life. When you're overwhelmed, Virgo, remember that a supportive friend can be your cosmic stress relief button.




Cancer season has put work front and center, and the cosmos have your back! The Cancer New Moon on July 5 spotlights your career house. This isn't just any new moon…it's potent and supportive, aligned with Sirius, the zodiac's brightest fixed star. Occurring every 18 years, it's mighty. The intentions you set now could nurture and protect you for years to come. Before setting intentions, ponder what truly nourishes you and brings meaning to your work. Does your career fulfill you? If not, envision what will. Plant these aspirations on this cosmic powerhouse of a moon! Mid-month gets messy and may have some surprises around finances. Try to keep calm and flexible; there is always a plan B. The second full moon in Capricorn (July 21) reminds you to balance home and work. When Leo Season hits, it’s time to socialize, reconnect with friends and embrace summer loving.



Buckle up for a roller coaster of a month. The new moon in Cancer forms on July 5 and urges you to expand your worldview through travel, spirituality and knowledge. This presents a rare opportunity to connect with what feeds your soul on a spiritual level. Sirius, the brightest fixed star, aligns with the new moon and adds extra potency and magic for long-term protection. It is a chance to plant seeds of change that truly align with your most authentic and highest self and deepest aspirations. That wisdom will come in handy July 15-16 when Mars, your ruler, joins disruptive Uruaus and Algol, a nefarious fixed star, in Taurus. It's messy, turbulent and ugly in your personal and business house. Don't freak out; the moon is in Scorpio. On those days, the upside is that it may bring breakthroughs and clarity to your partnerships. (You're not afraid of confrontations, so maybe it’s you we should be scared of!) Be mindful not to use your lethal stinger unless warranted. On July 22, Leo Season arrives and lets your inner confidence roar!  




Things are looking up on the money front, Sag. A new moon in Cancer forms on July 5, ushering in positive shifts in your financials and shared resources. Sirius, the brightest fixed star, joins the new moon, creating a rare and extra potent lunation, offering protection and long-term support—talk about cosmic cash flow! Your financial savvy serves you well as you set intentions, focusing on what financial freedom would provide that brings greater meaning to your life and deeply nourishes your soul. Sag, you're the seeker and traveler of the zodiac, always on a perpetual quest for greater meaning. You crave the freedom to roam and financial freedom offers just that. On July 20, Mars enters Gemini, sparking a lively shift in your house of relationships. Every two years, he teaches you the importance of compromise and teamwork. Focus on partnerships, be curious and keep them lively and mentally stimulating. If a conflict arises, keep it playful and witty. Leo Season arrives on July 23: You're ready for your next adventure, so plan your trip or take a course. Leo Season is calling you to do just that! 



July brings a cosmic dance between "you" and "we" in relationships. As Saturn retrogrades, step back and plan your next moves. On July 5, a nurturing and tender new moon in Cancer ignites your house of relationships. Sirius, the brightest fixed star, conjuncts the new moon, adding that extra potency. You are combined with Venus in Cancer, bringing harmony and tenderness and opening to your vulnerable side. Envision mutually nourishing and supportive partnerships that'll thrive and grow for years. July 22's Capricorn full moon doubles down on the cosmic message: compromise and patience are key in relationships. Don't lose yourself in the process! Balance is essential to ensure your needs aren't sidelined. Whether single or coupled, plant intention seeds for these deeply nurturing connections to blossom on the new moon. Use the Capricorn full moon to reflect and adjust. Remember, no partnership is perfect, so embrace love and keep your heart open! 



July’s looking a little stormy in the cosmos. Put self-care front and center this cancer season. The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 provides the support you need, and sparks significant shifts in new directions. Get out of your head and into your body: A holistic approach will serve you best, so quiet your mind, connect with your body's wisdom and listen carefully to your emotional needs. Since this new moon aligns with Sirius (the brightest star after our Sun) its power is boosted. Your intentions now have extraordinary, long-lasting potential. Mid-month storms arrive July 11-16, bringing fraught confrontations and power struggles within your personal or business partnerships. When Mars, Uranus and Algol (a malevolent fixed star) all merge July 15-16, they create a cosmic superstorm that is messy, disruptive and highly volatile, occurring on your home front. Anticipate domestic upheavals and shakeups within your family dynamics or living situations. Your response during these tumultuous days is crucial—stay grounded!  As Leo season begins on July 22, the focus will shift dramatically to love and relationships. It's time for some summer lovin' and new romantic adventures!



Cancer Season amplifies your creativity, intuition and romantic tendencies. This celestial sanctuary offers refuge from upcoming cosmic currents. As you immerse yourself in this ethereal realm, the universe prepares a special gift. On July 5, a luminous new moon in Cancer ignites your 5th house of inspiration and passion. Sirius, the sky's most brilliant fixed star, aligns with lunation, magnifying its influence and presenting a rare chance for profound transformation—seeds planted during the new moon promise to flourish far into your future. Expect turbulence mid-month, particularly July 15-16, as a cosmic storm sweeps through your communication sector. Exercise caution; your words carry weight and can inflict lasting damage. Remember, hurting others wounds you more deeply than most. Seek solitude during these days, avoiding unnecessary drama. Mars enters Gemini on July 20, shifting focus to your domestic life for six weeks. Resist the urge to tackle everything at once; you'll likely become overwhelmed and mindlessly scroll your phone instead. Be selective and stick to a few projects! 


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