Your November Horoscopes

November's here: Prepare for major swings in dizzying directions.


Welcome to a season of festivity and renewal: December 21 marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the darkest day of the year before the turning of the light as we enter Capricorn season.

The winter solstice always coincides with the Sun’s move into elegant, earthy Capricorn. As the Sun stands still, take this time to pause, to go within, reflect and meditate as you look back at 2022. This is an opportunity to acknowledge all that you have achieved, survived and had to navigate this year. Capricorn season brings practical matters, long-range goals and strategic planning to our awareness. It has a slower, cautious vibe, anchoring and grounding us as we care for our needs. As the year ends, let’s be grateful for all we have. As the light returns, the days grow longer; let your inner self shines brighter.


We’re about to experience a dance between Capricorn and Jupiter. The new moon arrives on December 23, at 1 degree of Capricorn—a promising fresh start that will carry us into the New Year. Saturn rules it, bringing a rational, logical influence and asking you what your long-term goals are. Expansive Jupiter squares the new moon, daring you to go after your vision or goals, to start something new while leaving behind what has held you back. Stretch yourself, take that leap of faith and go after your long-term goals. Capricorn energy will keep you grounded, while Jupiter will light ignite your inner fire. It is the ideal mix of planning and preparing and braving launching forward. Jupiter's energy is revealing and uplifting and gives you the courage to be bold, while Capricorn gives you the tenacity, determination and effort required to initiate a new undertaking. Go for it…you've got the planets on your side and all it takes is a little effort! 

MERCURY IN CAPRICORN: December 6 – February 1 

On December 6, Mercury, the communication planet, moves into no-nonsense Capricorn for an extended two-month stay. You may have said “yes” to everything while Mercury was exuberant, overextending Sagittarius. Now, it's time for a reality check.

You may be reassessing some of those quick “yes’s”—time to backpedal and get real. Mercury in Capricorn is strategic, achievement orientated, with a keen sense of time management and resources. Focus on what you can truly accomplish. Let things calm and slow down. Focus on achieving your goals practically and precisely, with a bit of perspective. Pragmatic Capricorn will show you the way.  


I have good news and bad news: The good news is, your New Year’s resolutions can wait until January 18. Don’t even bother before that date. The bad news? Mercury in retrograde (24 degrees in Capricorn, December 29) will test your patience, throw your travel plans into chaos and create other nuisances through mid-January. Cultivate patience and let go of expectations for a few weeks…when Mercury turns direct on January 18, you’ll be good to go.

Mercury retrogrades allow you to review, revise and redo. Mercury in Capricorn keeps it real, with a touch of pessimism, as you reflect on all probabilities.

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: December 9 – January 3

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and the arts, enters earthy Capricorn December 9 – January 3. In Capricorn, she brings structure, reliability and calm. She’s grounded, calm and serious, bringing stability, consistency and respect for time. Venus is the real deal—superficial, enduring, and generous with her love when it really counts. She won’t led you astray with hookups and messy friends-with-benefits drama…instead, expect real support from partners and friends who care about you.

New Year's Eve can get tricky with Venus and powerful Pluto conjunct on December 31; hurts, jealousy and controlling behaviors can erupt, but keep your cool. Old hurts or wounds may resurface, yet they can promote healing and deep reflection. The holidays can be challenging for many; this will soon pass once Venus moves into Aquarius in a few days.


Keep your mind active and flexible during this intense full moon: It’s coming in Gemini at 16 degrees on December 7. This potent Full Moon cojoins warrior Mars in Gemini while Mercury rules this lunation. Mercury is in grounded Capricorn; it’s all about structure and productivity.

You’ll feel energized, stimulated and productive…but the choices will feel overwhelming. Your mind will change quickly and you’ll feel a bit scattered. So, stay fluid and go with the flow. If you take on too much, you'll pay for it for the next day, like a bad hangover. Don’t let the heightened warrior energy drag you into unnecessary battles and disagreements—choose them (and your words) wisely. That’s the best way to avoid regret about what you’ve said or done: keeping your anger and reactivity at bay. When you feel torn or ambivalent, that’s Gemini’s duality pulling you in different directions.

The full moon and Mars square dreamy Neptune; it is fantasy versus reality, the dream of what you wish the Holidays were like versus what they are. As you try to make a dream come true, there can be confusion, overwhelm and lack of clarity. If you find yourself foggy haze, not sure what to do with the intense energy of Mars, go for a walk and clear your mind.

Mars in Gemini retrograde is like spinning our wheels; the energy can feel all over the place, going nowhere. Use this moment to reassess choices, layers of fog, what is genuine and not. This lunation may help us to clarify what to release. This lunation has layers. One minute, you are focused on getting things accomplished and the next hour in your Neptune dream world, trying to see through the illusion, next arguing with your partner. It’s best to stay flexible, choose your words wisely, keep your temper in check and if you change your mind 10 times, blame the moon! 

JUPITER ENTERS ARIES; December 20 – May 15

Jupiter moves into Aries for a second time on December 20, an epic celestial event. Jupiter, known as "the Great Benefic," brings luck, fortune, abundance and expansion wherever it goes. When Jupiter glides into Aries for a second time on December 20, it gives us a chance to step up our game and take bold risks, with a new sense of confidence and dynamism growing inside us. Aries shifts our interest away from the collective and community to focus more on individual needs, independence, autonomy and personal agency.

Jupiter will ignite a fiery passion for blazing ahead with decisive initiation and action. Aries is known for its swift impulsivity and "leap before you think" approach to life. The knowledge we gained between May 10 and October 28 (the first time Jupiter was in Aries) will give us a second chance to step up our game and take courageous risks with new confidence and urgency. Jupiter’s mantra, like Nike, is “Just do it!” This is a substantial celestial shift, getting those big goals and dreams up and running with fearless resolve.

But a word of caution: Jupiter is a magnifier, and you may become reckless, overly optimistic, selfish and take on more than you can possibly accomplish. Before you start racing towards your goals, there is a glitch. Mars, the ruler of Aires, is retrograde until January 11; once he turns direct, the energy will come alive. Full on! Get those big goals and dreams up and running.


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