Your November Horoscopes

November's here: Prepare for major swings in dizzying directions.

During the first two and half weeks of the month, we are in a depressed phase. It is intense and challenging; we will not have a respite until mid-month. We enter the month in the midst of the eclipse season, while active Mars turned retrograde at the end of October. He brings scattered energy, confusion, and the war of words and delays. A total lunar eclipse arrives on November 8th, the day of America’s much-anticipated, much-dreaded midterm elections. Eclipse stirs fate, summing up endings and releases; nothing feels sustainable or reliable. Buckle up. The vibe shifts to the manic stage when we enter the expansive Sagittarius season. There’s a light at the end of this tunnel when, finally, we're out of the gloom and doom as the manic phase sheds light on all that’s fabulous and hopeful, for real. Things, indeed, are going to feel fabulous and hopeful even as planets play with our mindsets. We’ll get through the difficulties with grace and embrace all the good that is to come. 


Venus squaring Saturn is one of the more challenging aspects of November, but the good news is it is only for a day, though the consequences could last a lifetime. It’s a classically tricky aspect, as Venus is not in her power while clashing with restrictive Saturn, so it’s a battle she can’t win. There is a heaviness in the air, kind of like tough love; we have to make a difficult choice concerning boundaries or limits. Saying "no" and being honest is what this alignment asks. Our decisions will have long-term consequences; it may not feel good, yet it is imperative to address it. The effort required to keep our commitments, clarifying responsibilities and priorities as we work through and navigate life, is challenging today. It is not a day to ask or pitch something, as you will not get what you are asking for due to Saturn resoundingly saying “NO.” You'll just have to deal with the unpleasant and sobering and be as solid as possible while making tough choices.


Get ready for major drama, people, not to mention that today’s the incredibly important midterm elections in the United States, and we're in for a messy, dramatic, and shocking day. Eclipses bring dramatic and sometimes significant change. These are most notable collectively, affecting countries and heads of state. Another challenging aspect of this eclipse is Uranus, the planet of chaos, which will conjunct the Moon and north node, adding agitation, surprises, and instability. We look for Taurus as the archetype of stability and nourishment, yet they are unavailable on this lunation. The Sun, Mercury,  Venus, and the South Node are all in Scorpio, opposing the Moon, Uranus, and the north node in Taurus, creating a dramatic push-pull, all being on opposing sides and navigating significant fundamental differences. The polarizing effect in the US will continue to widen and sadly, there is no in-between. Venus is the ruler of the new Moon; she is in Scorpio in her detriment and hidden by the Sun's rays; she loses her power, which suggests difficulties for women and the LGBTQ community—the focus of looming issues in the US midterm elections. While eclipses can reveal hidden secrets, scandals and unknown factors come to light; it will be quite an eventful 48 hours, and it will be palpable for the next 48 hours. Saturn squares this eclipse, encapsulating the first part of November, where we can feel pressure and responsibility. Unfortunately, there is not much respite or ease. We have to make necessary yet uncomfortable choices. Emotions are heightened dramatically with obsessive ruminations and obsessive energy. You may feel that you have to act, but it is best not to until this vibe passes. It is a north nodal eclipse that points to future possibilities yet highlights current problems; it is essential to be brutally honest about what you need to change before moving forward. To plant seeds for the future, you need awareness; this lunation can bring profound insights and wisdom, so do get quiet and spend some time alone. There is a temporary window, only available to us during eclipses, where we can gain insight. Mercury conjuncts the Sun in what is known as a cazimi—a privileged position where he is infused with the Sun's wisdom, adding potency to insight and understanding. There may be those profound ‘ah ha’ realizations. Mercury also opposes chaotic Uranus; you can figure out solutions or overcome barriers or fears; it can be breakthroughs, breakdowns, and mind-blowing ideas. This is one of the most dramatic total lunar eclipses; taking care of yourself over the next 48 hours is imperative, so lie low, rest, stay in, and access the deep wisdom waiting to be revealed. Then, plant those profound seeds for the future! Please vote if you live in the U.S. and use those votes to protect women’s rights, the LGBTQ community, democracy and Planet Earth.


Hallelujah, dark days of emotional intensity are over! Venus in Sagittarius is buoyant, while truth and higher meaning are her priorities. She is bold, confident, and craves excitement and adventure. So, it’s time to enjoy life's experiences and try something new while getting out of your comfort zone. The energy is upward and outward-looking. Now you are willing to be out in the world meeting new people. Venus is in fun-loving Sagittarius, ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, who is in his rulership Pisces; he is watching over her. There may be a tendency to be idealistic in relationships during this cycle. We want our partners and companions to support our dreams, beliefs, and need for freedom. Venus in Sag's offering is spontaneity, travel, learning, and expanding our worldview. Do all of that and enjoy it!


Things are optimistic and focused on the big picture, looking so much more on the bright side! Mercury in Sag offers big ideas, potential possibilities, and bold visions for the future, yet it is not grounded in details or practicality. Who cares? Just envision the future! The challenges presented are being scattered, inconsistent, saying one thing while doing another, and not keeping your word. Multitasking is exhausting while jumping from one grand scheme to the next, so for the next two weeks, envision your future while keeping your feet on the ground.


Sagittarius Season is here! Live for living! When the Sun enters expansive Sagittarius, it’s time to open our hearts and souls to all the great opportunities the world has to offer! Yes, we are exclamatory because it’s about damn time! This is the only Sun in the Sag season with Jupiter in Pisces, its ruler. Jupiter in Pisces makes this season extra special. It is a rare opportunity to dream, to be bold, and to fall in love with your life, bringing the Sun, ruled by a benefic Jupiter, in its home sign of Pisces. Like our exclamation points, it is extra! It is also upbeat and optimistic, so take that risk and throw caution to the wind. We want to live big, love big, and dream big! We want to make a difference while living a meaningful life. We want to be moved by our lives, encounters with people, work, and parenting. A note of caution, though: there may be chaos, as Sag Season, ruled by Jupiter in Pisces, has neither containment nor limits. Anything can be possible, yet without restrictions, it can be chaotic and unstable. So, if you are trying to do everything right now, stop. Could you slow down, breathe, and choose only a few things? What were we interested in at the start of the year that had been neglected? So go back to that, dream, fantasize, and envision what you wish—within magnificent moderation!


The New Moon in Sagittarius is the start of new beginnings; the sky's the limit, reach for it! It is that good. Venus and Mercury sit alongside the Sun and Moon; it's extra Sag, extra fabulous. So, set your sights on your goals and go beyond your limitations. The lunation is ruled by Jupiter in Pisces and has an underlying soulful, emotional healing tone in his domicile. Jupiter is about to station direct beginnings for the decade; set your aspirations in Sagittarius-style and be grandiose. This New Moon indicates movement, creating progress especially in parts of your life that have felt stalled or delayed; things can now speed forward as the momentum increases weekly. In contrast to the soulful, healing tone, Sagittarius also wants action and excitement. An ideal combination, move forward with soul and passion, bringing hope to future possibilities, generosity, and abundance!

Jupiter stations direct at 28 degrees Pisces a few hours after the New Moon. It is a time of blossoming to reconnect and refocus on those big dreams and hopes for your life that require your attention for the next few months. It’s imperative we attend to our dreams, desires, and hopes that bring greater meaning to our lives. Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in the daily grind that we do not attend to our inner world. We need to nourish the inner well, whatever it is that makes us feel alive on a deep level. There is an undercurrent of emotions, tenderness, sensitivity, and a craving for closeness and connection. How do you get your well filled? You want to infuse more of that into your life through spiritual practice, mystical matters, religious or philosophical beliefs, or whatever nurtures your spiritual essence. Jupiter will be in Pisces until December 20 and will not return until 2034, so whatever you do, please don’t neglect your inner garden.

Tend to your inner garden this month, as Jupiter reenters Pisces for his farewell tour, not to return until 2034. For the next two months, you'll find nourishment, blessing, and healing. While the remaining months of the year will have moments of intensity, return to this area of your life, where you can nourish your soul. Dream and envision a better world for you and others.  

Here's what's in the stars for your sign: 


Jupiter re-enters magical Pisces for his last tour from on October 28-December 20th. Guru Jupiter brings wisdom, benevolence, and healing. Aries, you've been full-on since May 10, as Jupiter was in your sign. Intuitive Jupiter in Pisces is feeling, sensing, and healing. It invites you to daydream, imagine, and go inward. Jupiter's rulership in Pisces is giving and generous and amplifies emotional well-being. Jupiter will dwell in your 12th house of retreat, closure, escapism, and spiritual surrender. Make room in your world for warm respite and a gentle retreat toward your inner world of dreams. Think of this magical Jupiter cycle as a celestial sabbatical to go within, rest, recharge, and indulge your imagination. What dreams have you neglected? You can go back to them and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear them calling for you. 


Jupiter re-enters Pisces for his last foray, from October 28 to December 20, a short enlightening stay for Jupiter’s farewell tour. It won’t return to Pisces for another 12 years. For his final passage, go back to the beginning of the year; what dreams have you sidelined? Now is the time to reignite them. Jupiter will dwell in your house of friendships, aspirations, hopes, and dreams as a gift from the cosmos.  Not the time to do things solo, your friends provide what Jupiter offers: generosity, deep connection, and inspiration. If you are looking for collaborators,  you will find your dream team if you are inclined. Before you can have a future, you need to imagine one. Let your imagination be your secret weapon for the next two months. 


Jupiter, King of the Gods, enters into mystical Pisces —an ideal merger bringing benevolence, healing, generosity, emotional well-being, and intuition. Being an air sign, you dwell in the cerebral, whereas Jupiter in Pisces is instinctive and intuitive and swims in the world of feelings. Jupiter ignites your motivation and confidence to release any self-imposed limitations you have set. As you move confidently in your professional world, your reputation and worldly aspirations elevate with Jupiter's expansive influence. What dreams have you neglected since May? Jupiter urges you to revisit them, drop into your imagination, fantasize and envision how you see your professional life unfold. You have two months before Jupiter leaves, not returning until 2034. Start dreaming, Gemini!


Jupiter reenters Pisces on October 28-December 20 for his farewell tour and will not return for 12 years. What dreams or aspirations have you neglected? Jupiter activating your 9th house ignites the quest to search for greater meaning and direction in your life. You want to infuse more of that into your life through spiritual practice, mystical matters, religious or philosophical beliefs, or whatever nurtures your spiritual essence. Find a Guru, a shaman, and go on an inward vision quest. Drop into the intuitive realms, dig into the healing world of plant medicine or travel. Whatever path you choose, you're inspired to have more meaning in your life. Expand your consciousness to develop into your highest potential. 


Jupiter re-enters  Pisces on October 28 for a two-month stay. It is the farewell tour. Jupiter in Pisces is spiritual, an inward placement, where you can achieve a great deal of personal transformation during his sojourn through the Piscean depths. The 8th house of shared resources and transformation is where Jupiter dwells. He activates your 8th house of personal transformation and shared resources. Jupiter in Pisces emphasizes kindness, compassion, protection, and soul security. Pisces in Jupiter is healing. Your finances and investments can expand, or you can have an unexpected windfall. Jupiter in Pisces asks you to tend to your inner garden; what nourishes you deeply? Dig deep and find out because this fortuitous placement won’t occur again until 2034. 


Jupiter re-enters Pisces on October 28 for a two-month farewell tour. He will not return for 12 years. Jupiter has graced your house of committed relationships for the past year and a half, infusing it with generosity, abundance, and emotional well-being. Hopefully your relationships have deepened, grown, and healed. What dreams have you neglected since the start of the year? Whether partnered or single, your desire for soulful and deep connection is paramount. Virgo, you have the rare opportunity to heal and deepen your relationships for the next two months. Stop analyzing and drop into your intuition and profound instinctual nature. Love reigns, Virgo; you are one devoted partner, but make sure your partners are worthy of you!


Jupiter reenters magical Pisces, bestowing blessings for what will be his last foray for 12 years. Jupiter in Pisces offers nourishment, hope, and healing. Your 6th house of well-being, self-care, daily routine, and work receives an infusion of enthusiasm and emotional stability. How are you taking care of yourself, dear Libra? Drop into the wisdom of your body, listen to it, and pay attention. It is a time to improve your health and develop a daily wellness routine. Add to it alternative healing modalities, learn to meditate, and follow your intuition. Does your work fulfill you? Have you mastered a harmonious work/life balance? Imagine how you wish to implement a healthy and meaningful life. Jupiter in Pisces can make your dream come to healthy, robust fruition, Libra!


Happy birthday! Jupiter reenters into magical Pisces for his final tour where he will stay for two months and not return for 12 years. Jupiter in Pisces brings blessings, magic, healing, and benevolence. Pisces is in sync with your nature and the feeling realms of intuition, imagination, dreaming, wandering, and generosity. Your 5th house of pleasure, creativity, romance, self-expression, and kids is activated. Scorpio, what dreams have you sidelined in this area of your life? Time to reactivate your creative juices, your passion and joy! Now is the time to reconnect on those big dreams and hopes for your life. You must attend to your dreams, desires, and hopes that bring greater meaning to your life, so fill your inner well, dear Scorpio!


It's almost your birthday, and Sag season is outstanding this year! A gift from the cosmos, while you are busy celebrating all season, you do everything over the top and you can also tend to your inner world. Your ruler Jupiter  has re-entered Pisces, and in his domicile he is in his glory, bestowing blessings and abundance. He is on his farewell tour, not to return until 2034; you've got two months to assess his wisdom and benevolence. Your house of home and the inner private world receives his grace. What dreams have you set aside earlier in the year? Time to attend to them now. You can heal family dynamics with a more profound closeness and connection. Begin to imagine, dream, and fantasize about what you want your ideal home life to be—another birthday gift!


Jupiter re-enters Pisces for a final foray, inviting you to hope, heal, and be inspired to live a life aligned with your dreams. What dreams have you sidelined earlier in the year? Now, you'll need to attend to them. Jupiter ignites your 3rd house, influencing your mind, consciousness,  learning, and community. It illuminates areas where you can weed out all your old negative patterns and behaviors. Cap, your mind can often wander down some dark alleys, but this time your consciousness can expand and become more positive. A happier, more compassionate, and caring Capricorn can emerge. The 3rd house is cerebral, while Pisces is all intuitive, feeling, imaginative, and instinctual. He will return in 12 years; you've got two months of Jupiter magic, so start dreaming, Cap!


Jupiter reenters mystical Pisces for this final tour, offering hope for a better future. Jupiter in Pisces dwells in the emotional world of feelings, fantasy, imagination, and generosity. Jupiter expands wherever he lands, this time in your 2nd house of money, self-worth, talents, and what you value. Aquarius, what do you truly value? Drop into your intuition, not your mind, for the answer. What you value reflects how you feel about yourself. Knowing what you want is a profound epiphany, so use this time to ponder your goals and improve your work, finances, or personal values. What dreams have you sidelined earlier in the year? Use the next two months to pontificate, dream, and imagine, and be prepared to take action in 2023. 


Jupiter reenters your sign for its farewell tour, not to return until 2034. This is your moment, Pisces. The world is ready, aching, and yearning for your ideas, visions, imaginings, and healing. Jupiter in Pisces is a blessing, a hope for a better future; it is generous, benevolent, and healing. A new 12-year Jupiter cycle began and infuse you with self-confidence and vitality, amplifying your creative potential. What dreams have you neglected since May? Go back and attend to them! Dream, imagine, and ponder how you want to live your life and what you can bring to the world. Your dreams can be prophetic, providing poignant glimpses into the future. Pisces, bring forth your empathy and tenderness to the world. 


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