The Standard, High Line Essential To Do List

New York is a city that's always evolving, constantly shedding its skin for a new one. Like, not that gross, but the same idea. And no neighborhood depicts that better than Manhattan's Meatpacking District, where The Standard, High Line sits at the apex of culture, cuisine and commerce. In short, when you stay here, you have access to it all. Perfectly positioned on the west side of downtown, rising above the elevated High Line park, the hotel is a quick walk to both the West Village and Chelsea, where there are countless restaurants, bars, shops and stores to fully round out your New York experience.

While the pandemic has changed how these spots normally function, they've all adapted to offer experiences and flavors you can't find anywhere else in the world. Below, we've selected some of our favorites, from the savory to the sweet, to the meaty to the lean, that you can wander to during your stay. Now put on your mask and get to it!

Whitney Museum

The Whitney is one of our coolest neighbors. Featuring a vast and dynamic mix of American art, the museum has a constant rotation of new exhibitions to check out and permanent collections always worth revisiting. All visitors must book timed tickets in advance. You show up at your allotted time slot to safely peruse with plenty of space to take it all in.

The Beatrice Inn

Angie Mar, chef and owner of this storied West Village staple, knows meat. And she knows style. The iconic chophouse has transformed its cobblestoned street front into a European sidewalk bistro, with lush plants and twinkling lights inspired by Mar’s visits to Paris. The food follows with the same thought and attention to detail, with meat smoked by branches imported from France (it tastes different, we promise), a dry aged beef burger, duck flambé, and rotating specials like chicken pie and cassoulet. Show up hungry. Very hungry.

Chelsea Market

It’s hard to imagine Meatpacking without Chelsea Market. Filled with independent shops, ice cream and coffee vendors, a butcher, and full seafood market, just to name a few, the building has turned dozens of its best dining experiences out onto the street, where you can order food, cocktails and bites from sidewalk-facing windows to sit at a cute two-top or picnic table to enjoy. The inside is back open, too, with one-way traffic to ensure a free and comfortable flow for all guests. Insider’s tip: The Lobster Place has $1.50 happy hour oysters Monday-Friday from 4-6PM.

The Stonewall Inn & The Duplex

OK technically these are two different venues, but two of the most iconic gay bars in all of Manhattan, so we had to give some love to both. Duplex has expansive sidewalk seating out on 7th Ave South, where there is never a shortage of colorful characters for optimum people watching. Right around the corner on Christopher Street is the historic Stonewall Inn, where on weekends, the bar takes over the entire street for snacking, drinking, and hanging with friends. Post up long enough and you'll surely witness an impromptu drag show or lipsync performance. So bring those dollar bills.

Hudson River Park

They say (who is they, anyway?) that the best things in life are free, however, in New York, that’s rarely the case. But! Hudson River Park is totally free to enjoy, and it rocks. Just head west away from the hotel and you’ll reach one of the best public parks in Manhattan. Grab a coffee to go and head north or south for expansive city views, piers extending over the water for lounging and laying out, dog parks, tennis courts and more. Depending on the season, there are little kiosks where you can grab a beer and catch some rays, too.

Bumble and bumble Salon

A hop, skip and jump away (OK calm down, you can just walk there normally) is one of Bumble and bumble’s select few NYC flagship salons. Outfitted with all those products you love or want to try, the salon offers cuts, color, and styling, with some of the best views downtown, besides The Standard, High Line - duh. It’s a large, airy room that helps keep all clients comfortable during treatments.

Three Lives & Company

This is one of the most charming and welcoming bookstores, ever. Like, ever! The staff is incredibly helpful, everything is easy to find, and they always have full stock of all the bestsellers. If they’re out of something, a sale associate will personally order it for you and call when it arrives. It’s a tiny space, so you’ll likely have to wait on the sidewalk if they’re at capacity, but you’re in the West Village, so get yourself a cappuccino at Oslo Coffee next door and listen to a podcast while you wait. Small businesses - especially bookstores - need your love, and this shop really deserves it.

Tavern On Jane

Now, this is real New York. Tavern on Jane has been serving up comfort food and pub grub since the mid ‘90s, with fan favorite dishes like crispy brussels sprouts with apple, juicy burgers, fresh oysters and a killer, no-frills weekend brunch menu. It’s a popular local hangout, where any type of person is welcomed as they walk through the door. The tavern has set up shop on Jane Street, closed to all car traffic, so you can enjoy those chicken wings in peace. If you’re a martini drinker, get one here. They arrive in a massive, classic triangle glass, ice cold and literally spilling over the edge. 

The High Line

Our other favorite public park, duh! The High Line, our namesake park, is back in action with a safe and smooth system that really allows you to enjoy all its wonders. Open daily from noon to 8PM, the park is operating with a free timed-entry reservation system with limited capacity in order to allow for social distancing.


Our new neighbor is really, really chill. TribeTokes sells CBD vape oils, skincare and wellness products, fruit gummies, oils and more to keep you nice and relaxed during your stay. Not that you wouldn’t be with us anyway, but this is just a lil’ something extra if you want it. The shop is also currently showcasing a photography exhibit about David Bowie and selling handmade tie dye athleisure. So that’s cool.

Billy’s Bakery

Truly a delightful neighborhood bakery, Billy’s has a delectable selection of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, bars and coffees that will satisfy any caffeine fix or sweet tooth. A highlight is the carrot cake -- even if you’re not usually a fan, you’ll love it here. The icing is transcendent. Also, they have the most adorable little cake cups, where they smash all the components of a slice of cake into a plastic cup that you can take to go, save as a treat for later, or shovel into your mouth as you walk down 9th Avenue. A New York moment!

Chelsea Piers

This place is wild. There is actually everything, from a driving range to skating rink to fitness center. While some of the amenities remain closed, like bowling and the arcade, Chelsea Piers is back in action with the majority of its recreational offerings for you to feel fit and have some fun.

The Galleries

Art! There’s so much of it in this neighborhood. Just a few blocks north of us are the famous Chelsea galleries, that include all the newest and coolest artists in the industry. Most are free, some are appointment only, and the hours vary per gallery, so be sure to check out the full interactive map at the link above for all the details. Now, go get yourself some culture. 

The Standard Grill

Beep, beep! Oh yes, that’s our own horn you hear us tooting, and why wouldn’t we? The Standard Grill has layers of dynamic offerings, both with seating options and menu items. Want to cozy up out on the plaza with red wine and cup of soup? Done. How about avocado toast and cold brew in a sun drenched café? Absolutely. Steak frites and a dirty martini in a sexy leather banquette? Right this way. Open seven days a week, with happy hours, outdoor movie nights and weekend brunch, our Grill has something for every taste at any time.


Sitting in front of a screen inside, brows furrowed, on back-to-back Zoom calls, has not done our skin any favors this year. Brighten and freshen up a bit right across the street at Caudalie, with a beautiful bevy of treatments and products to restore your glow. Tell them you're a guest at The Standard, High Line for 15% off and a complimentary glass of wine. Things are looking up already. 

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