Le Bain

Le Bain's Wet Hot Summer Report

When the DJ brings bubble guns, happiness is contagious

Ahhhh, a lazy Sunday afternoon

One of those sunsets where all the couples just sit by the pool and hug

The gentleman was teaching his lady friend how to peep

He warned her

Just your friendly neighborhood bakery delivery guy delivering fresh croissants to The Standard while people are queuing up for Le Bain

Always have a camera - you never know when you’ll meet a lovely set of triplets

A bus boy dropped ice cubes on the astro turf and this is how they landed

Vinyl is here to stay

DJ duo A/Jus/Ted A.K.A. Justin Strauss & Teddy Stuart

Club kids on Top

Why Eminem? The bachelorette: "Because I wanna marry him."

You get wet, the DJ stays dry

She had no choice but to jump in the pool

We asked if they knew each other. No response.

We never found out her name, but she had a hell of a time

"Hey, Alex!"

Two friends

Noel drives 90 minutes to dance in the pool three times a week. He loves music and smiles a lot.

Deep in love

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