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Wake Up: Sonny Daze

Let's wake up with Brooklyn DJ Sonny Daze before he plays Le Bain on Saturday, April 22nd.
A few things that make me want to wake up...
My label, Division 81, synthesizers, drum machines, Orisha, my mother, DJ Timbuck2, beautiful women, the healing force of music, the sunset over Berlin in the summer, dreams transforming to reality, anything indigo, making world better with creativity, and dogs, dogs, dogs! 

Today's wake up mood in images... 
And finally, my top five records to rise and shine to...

Curtis Mayfield's
Superfly Soundtrack
This record is big for me. The film was about the challenges present in inner city life in New York in the early '70s. The music that Curtis made spoke about the mind state of various people in those circumstances. The Dealer, The Hustler, The Lover, The Dreamer all cover in songs. It's possibly the most vivid story told through soundtrack. You can listen to the album with your eyes closed and see the movie.
Marvin Gaye's 
What’s Going On
This album was not suppose to happen. Motown label owner Berry Gordy had a formula for success. Keep the records short, sweet, and non-political. Marvin literally fought to get Gordy to agree to release the record. Marvin spoke of the realities of the world he was seeing all apart in the early '70s. The Vietnam War, government corruption, environmental damage, police brutality. This album changed the format of soul music forever.  
John Coltrane Quintet's
A Love Supreme
Love is supreme! Epic musical expression, all in the name of LOVE.
Trans Europe Express
So hard to pick one Kraftwerk album. Kraftwerk’s influenced many style of music to come. Hip-Hop, Electro, 80’s Boogie, New Wave, and yes HOUSE, and Techno. This album changed my musical ear, before I knew what and whom Kraftwerk’s was! 
Michael Jackson's
Off the Wall
Michael and Quincy Jones' first full project together. A disco soul masterpiece. This album holds a special place in my mind. I was in love with music the first time I heard this album. Not just disco, but soul, jazz, funk, R&B, and pop all rolled into one. Only Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson could do this and then turn around and make the #1 selling album of all time to follow Thriller. But this is my favorite. This album just happened in my opinion out of pure musical fun.

On Saturday, April 22nd, Le Bain presents the Division 81 Records Launch party
featuring Sonny Daze and his special guest
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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