Le Bain

Going West with Urulu

We chat with the Berlin-based Californian producer and DJ Taylor Freels, aka Urulu, before he plays Le Bain on Sunday, October 8th.
THE ROOFTOP: Your biography says you’re a "California boy through and through."
URULU: Yeah, born and bred in Orange County. I've always felt a strong connection with Southern California. Maybe it's taken me the jump abroad to realize it, but nevertheless, I feel deeply rooted here.

It must feel a bit weird to be a Californian in Berlin.
No, not at all. There's a solid network of Californians based in the big B, so you're never too far away from someone whingeing about the lack of decent Mexican food or these non-existent Berlin summers. Berlin has been nothing but welcoming to me over the last three years.
All photos by Urulu 
Last July, you played at the notorious Love International Festival in Croatia. Any stories? 
It's one of my favorite small-scale festivals out across the pond. Tisno is a such an immaculate city, even when littered with drunken, glitter-soaked Brits. [Laughs.] Maybe a highlight for this year was water taxiing straight into the festival grounds for my set. The best way to travel, and I heavily advise that any future attendees take full advantage of these boat taxis.

It seems you have a big connection with Auckland. How did that come up? 
Yeah, absolutely. Made a bunch of kiwi mates (the Chaos In The CBD boys being two) ages ago through a little blog I use to run. Went and stayed for the first time in Auckland about six years ago and have had solid mates there ever since. Not too much going on in the city now from what I hear, but good to see Ben, Louis, and John's (John Sable) In Dust We Trust imprint taking off.
As of today, how would you describe your label Amadeus' "unconventional mindset"?
Amadeus was sort of conceived through the need to release music from close buds of mine who, at the time, weren't receiving a platform to do so. Now I admit, the label itself has been a bit stagnant at the moment (mainly due to my own change in tastes/traveling), but the schedule is looking relatively busy up until the new year. New releases from myself, Cromie, and Huerta will be out before 2018 and distributed through Prime Direct (UK).

What’s the next big Urulu thing we can expect?
I'm doing the next Amadeus 12" (which, funny enough, is my first record for the label), another follow up on Andy Hart's Voyage imprint, as well as an EP for the Spanish Saft/Pulp label. All these will be out before 2018.

On Sunday, October 8th, Le Bain presents Urulu
Playing alongside Max Pask
The Standard, High Line | 9pm

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