Le Bain

New Year's Eve with Tiki Disco

On Sunday, December 31st, we're celebrating New Year's Eve at Le Bain in Tiki Disco fashion. To warm you up, we asked Tiki's DJs Lloydski, Eli Escobar, and Andy Pry to share their favorite records to close out 2017 and open 2018. Ring out, wild bells!

Mim Suleiman's "Mzinga"

"I love this song because it defies category and genre at all costs. It's sort of afro-beat, but the beat itself really isn't at all if that makes any sense. I think Maurice Fulton produced it and I pretty much always love his beats. This era we are in right now tends to be devoid of any really huge club hits in the underground scene, so I choose records that I feel will kill the dance floor even if people have never heard them before. This one always turns the crowd out. I first heard it in Croatia when Honey Dijon dropped it at Barbarellas. I immediately bought the whole album and I consider it a modern classic." 

The Breeze's "That Look In Your Eyes"
"Who ever said dance music has to be uptempo is ruining dance music. It's nice to know people are still putting out good music on the other side of the BPM fence too. This record never left my crate last year and will continue to stay there next year as I make every effort to get and stay wavy."

"This is a great after-the-clock-strikes-midnight song." –Eli Escobar


Luke Solomon's "Light You Up"

"This is a great after-the-clock-strikes-midnight song 'cause the message is right on time. And it's one of those songs that sounds instantly familiar. I'm completely disinterested in any sort of throwback music and what I think this achieves is way more impressive. An immediately timeless quality. Could be old, could be new...doesn't really matter. This one is major!"


Pete Shelley's "Witness The Change"
"This song spells it out. 2017 has been strange, crazy, and hard, but let's be hopeful change is coming!" 

Pharaohs' "Rinse Dream"
"Its always nice when someone takes the concept of house and turns it upside down. Its even nicer when you realize they're your friends. Great fucking record."


Ahzz's "New York's Movin'"
"Without being cheesy, New Yorkers always find a way to keep it moving and 2018 will be no different. Onward and upward." 

On Sunday, December 31st
Le Bain presents New Year's Eve
with Tiki Disco
feat. Lloydski, Eli Escobar, & Andy Pry
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

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